LDP to skip talks with Komeito, present constitution change proposals to Diet


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Abe is doing the one thing that could possibly derail this entire process. While the Komeito may not have the membership numbers to derail any legislation, alienating them makes it that much harder as their electoral base is extremely well organized and if they decide to put up a fight, Abe is going to have some serious troubles.

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This constitution change seems to be the only thing the LDP has been focussing on for the past few years. Surely they have more important issues to address like child care, labor reform, etc. “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.”

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Well Abe ignores everybody else,s opinion so why not Komeito,s huh....seriously obsessed with this issue isnt he. The silver lining here being that if there is one issue on which he can crash and burn, its this one.

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Giving legality to Self Defense Force does not mean changing our war renouncing constitution. In the future, we have to defend our country by ourselves. We cannot continue our nonchalant attitude of defending our country "omakase" to U.S. Forces. Recently in preparation for the increases of airline flights in 2020 Olympics to Tokyo, Metropolitan Government tried to expand flying zone over the sky of Tokyo. But it was turned down by U.S. Air Force. So called Yokota Airspace, the U.S. military is still in charge of air-traffic control one-half the airspace over Tokyo.

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We hopefully after seeing all the changes ie, state rights over individual rights. Sweeping powers for the PM, in times of designated emergency. And the rest. Including Article 9. The population will actually get out and vote no only need 51% to stop this nonsense.

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Shinzo guts pose photo - Check!

Military photos - Check!

Hinomaru - what, no hinomaru? Photo editor is slacking!

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But it was turned down by U.S. Air Force. So called Yokota Airspace, the U.S. military is still in charge of air-traffic control one-half the airspace over Tokyo.

The results of a history of atrocities. japan needs to be kept in check just like germany. ex war criminal countries dont have a choice in the matter.

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Schopenhauer - Giving legality to Self Defense Force does not mean changing our war renouncing constitution. In the future, we have to defend our country by ourselves

It would seem we have another Japanese person who does not understand their own constitution. Under the current constitution Japan can defend itself and any of its territories with whatever military action is necessary [in defense]. However, Japan can only assist allies with logistics and not in battle. Japan cannot send their troops to fight in other wars nor can they engage their military (police) in territorial disputes. The only possible reason I can conceive for Abe and his cronies wanting to do desperately change the constitution is so they can start shooting at foreign ships in disputed territories. All this stuff about national pride and an embarrassment is just a convenient lie to attempt to gain public favor. Make no mistake, these ‘oyajis’ want to play Asian tough guy again, which will result in regional instability and possibly even war.

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All Japanese should support PM Abe for carrying out changes in Art 9 of the PACIFIST CONSTITUTION to confer legal status on SDF so that Japan could become a strong and vibrant country to strengthen security of Japan and face challenging environment with confidence existing in the region.

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Just what the region needs, another nation asserting its strength.

Japan is just fine without all the militaristic nonsense, thanks all the same.

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What kind of partener is LDP ? Not even a dog should be treated like that, after helping Abe becoming a longest serving PM. What is 信 ?

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Good. Japan needs its own nukes too.

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What gives the America the right to control Tokyo's airspace and refuse to let the Japanese government use it for a new flight route to Haneda? This has nothing to do with the defense of Japan, more like hegemony. If the Yokota RAPCON cannot be used for new commercial flight routes for in the lead up to the olympics, then Japan's tourism growth will take a hit. The U.S will be responsible for Japan's lack of economic growth in this case.

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Sean; While I agree with your post I believe the US made some changes in 2017 and is intending to make more to allow more flights into Haneda. Kadena reverted back in 2014 or so.



Regarding Japan's sovereignty over its own airspace that is a totally different topic as if Japan is to be (or wishes to be) dependent on the U.S. for its national security then this may be one of the costs of that.

Perhaps the cost of allowing the U.S. some control of these flight routes is less than the cost of replacement of the defense provided by having the U.S. base in Japan. The answer to that question is beyond my pay grade as they say.

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While he Komeito has a lot of good points, they sold out their morality a few years back allowing Abe to “rethink” what article 9 means and allowing Japan to send troops to South Sudan (which remains secret) so that they could stay close to the ruling regime. No sympathy and no surprise they are now being sold out in return and ignored. What did they expect when morals were passed over for a bit of power, and knowing full well Abe would ignore them when it came to the constitution? They have no grounds to say they do not support the changes, because they have helped it happen.

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Finally! Lets get these proposals on the Diet floor. The sooner they can be debated the sooner they can be agreed and Japan can move forward in to the 21st Century with a constitution written by its people for its people, not an occupying force who imposed it through humiliating means!

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What on earth can he gain by siding their only hope, I don’t know. After fighting and wasting two full terms as a do-nothing PM, now he’s throwing away the only possible hope to get what he wants. Someone please explain.

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Komeito just love being used and abused,as long as they can have a seat in the government.Will pimp themselves out to whoever wants to give it to them for the right price.

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Japan already broke the current constitutional thread in 2015. Allowing JSDF to fight abroad for collective defense. An unconstitutional but necessary law. People may not like it but Article 9 is doomed to be disobeyed in the future. Although he is already disobeying it today. What needs to be done is a great state pact between all the political parties to reach a basic consensus under a common objective. All political parties will have to renounce many pretensions. The LDP will have to renounce its ultra-nationalism of the past. The PDCJ, the Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party must support this slight recognition of the JSDF in the constitution by imposing conditions not to exceed the limits of pacifism in the country. Strict conditions such as the creation of 3 independent contingency councils where all the social, judicial and political currents of the country are. To prevent power from being in the hands of the PM and his cabinet, let alone a military junta, in case the JSDF is forced to intervene in an unwanted war. I believe that Komeito and the Democratic Party for the People and people like Koike. They will be key to bringing everyone to a negotiating table.

One thing is clear. Things cannot go on as they are now. The constitution is becoming obsolete in many aspects of everyday life. Not only in article 9. And for that, the understanding of society as a whole is needed, in order to understand that a dialogue of consensus among all is needed. To leave the political divergences thought in the electoral revenue every 4 years. Ay what to think long term for future generations.

I personally believe that Abe will not achieve constitutional reform at this time. He is too ultra-nationalist for the Japanese people to accept. Now I think that with a more progressive PM liberal social democrat. I believe that from 2035 a reform of Article 9 could be possible as long as the parties against the reform do not reach the 1/4 necessary to exercise an institutional blockade in the legislative chambers. Or that these parties begin to change their opinion depending on the geopolitical situation for that decade. To give constitutional recognition to JSDF and its established legal activities.

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I have a lot of respect for Komeito voters on Okinawa who defied Tokyo and voted their conscience and voted for Tamaki for Gov. of Okinawa but it is really time for Komeito to pull out of this coalition with the LDP. They have had to sacrifice most of their principles and go against their own members in order to help the LDP push their polices through and get LDP members elected but Komeito themselves have gotten very little from the LDP and I can't think of any of their policy proposals that have become law.

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Yet again there is no mention of the proposed article on allowing a "state of emergency"; it's almost as if the entire Japanese media have been forbidden to mention it.

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