LDP votes for new leader with eye on prime minister's post


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Shigeru Ishiba or Nobuteru Ishihara if either of these guys wins Japan will start moving in the right direction!

Time to put a Churchill in office.

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Ishiba, Ishihara or Abe... facepalm

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The LAST thing Japan needs right now is another Ishihara put into a high political office, what ever your opinion of him or his father it will be seen as Japan indicating that nationalistic ideology is taking grip here... the regional PARTNERS which all rely on each other much more heavily than any want to admit will be forced in to increasingly uncompromising political positions and in the end we will all lose out.

We need leaders that are interested in really solving Japan's issues with an eye to the future, which is currently looking very grim, not poster boys for everything that has stopped Japan moving forward to begin with.

Despite paying plenty of money to be here I can't vote, all I can do is plead with you all, the way to a bright future is not nationalistic isolation but international inclusion and cooperation.

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@NZ2011: I like your post. I hope Japanese people don't take the nationalistic route.

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Ishiba is the only one I'd vote for. I don't actually know anything about him, but anything has to be better than bland non-entities (Ishihara) or abject failures (Abe) who have only got anywhere in politics due to having important parents.

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I fear for Japan's future.

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Old boys are coming back. They promoted nuclear plants as a national project, inflated national debts - no reflections about their past are heard and now they are shouting Japan must change its peace constitions and must take strong attitude against China and Korea. A strange thing is the Japanese nationals who oppose strongly against the nuclear plants is helpingLDP to come back.

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You know Abe. How useless and gutless he was last time. You can easily write him off.

Nobuteru Ishihara is an idiot. He has made too many politically naive, amateurish and careless remarks in the past. He hasn't got political agenda to talk of but is busy looking nationalistic. Even his father, Shintaro, dismisses him as "a mouthpiece talking crap at the crap party."

Shigeru Ishiba is a military otaku, who wants to see the SDF play more international roles but has a relatively liberal stance towards other fields: he's more eager about TPP than his colleagues; he's ready to listen to and talk with some rogue states; he's dead against nationalist education; he's not really against foreigners' voting (or for it, either, as long as there's some room for discussions).

Ishiba admits that Japan owes an apology to China and Korea for invasion, sex slaves, massacres, and so on. He has promised not to visit Yasukuni.

On the other hand, he's considered to be buddy-buddy with TEPCO, getting lots of lobbying money from it.

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"Support for Ishiba is unlikely to carry him through in the first round...."

Then when is he 'the man to beat'?

Regardless, you have a poor Defense Minister, son of an ultra-nationalist, and a man who already quit on the job, one of whom will run against the failed Noda... wow, isn't Japan's future bright?

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Now we should analyse how and why Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara is so rushhhh to purchase the islands since April. His main goal is just for grooming his own son Nobuteru Ishihara to make a BIG win and become Japan next prime minister.

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Most ideal if Ishiba and Abe makes a 1-2 finish knocking out Ishihara in the first round.

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Surprisingly, Abe is running second in the race. The LDP claim they have changed, but Abe's agenda is the same as it always has been: amend the constitution, spend money building things, amend the constitution, more nuclear power and amend the constitution, bring in conscription and wage war on the neighbours.

The fact that this guy is in second place tells us that much of the LDP is unchanged and unrepentant.

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China, Taiwan and both South and North Korea already hate Gov. Ishihara's guts!

If his "No. 1 son" Nobuteru becomes PM, they'll hate his guts, too

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I rather that Hayashi or Machimura become the new LDP President.

They're not as bad as those three lunatics!

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More waste of time, these guys are never ending time wasters, how do you expect to be reelected when all you look like is a time waster and a drag on Japan's government and economy

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Damn, Abe won. Who saw that coming?? Looks like the DPJ and Noda will be in for another term. Will be good for the country to have some continuity at least!

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Politics is the cancer of society. Instead of party's working together for their people, they are too busy looking for a way to unseat the rival party. LDP is sooooo good in this to gain control again and again for decades. How do you expect Japan to move on and restore the sinking economy when all these amoebas are only working for their own party's gain and not their country and constituents. LP, LDP, DP, DPJ and whatever are all but the same agendas. Btw which party had the most scandals.

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