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Leader of biggest LDP faction seeks review of funds scandal penalty


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So Ryu Shionoya is not going quietly into the night, but plans to take the whole party down with him. If you hate the LDP I guess this is good as it keeps this issue in the spotlight longer, and may help opposition parties in the coming election. It really bothers me that neither Nikai, nor Mori were punished at all, even though it was Mori(who turns out to be a real piece of work for an incompetent looking fool)who started it, and Nikai let it continue unabetted for years.

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demanding a "fair judgement based on the facts.

you stole money, the end. how many times does he wanna recheck the "facts?"

if he's that "angry" he should name names and take down everyone with him

get rid of the dead weight.

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