Japan, S Korea, China leaders agree to mend strained ties


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Starting his speech with a friendly “Hello” in Korean,

Was that followed by "...little girl, would you like a piece of candy?"

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PM Abe should try to resolve the comfort women issue in his talks with President Park Geun-hye in Seoul tomorrow and restore normalicy in relations between the two countries which is essential for strengthening peace and stability in the region besides expanding mutual bilateral economic relations.

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I have the feeling this article is downplaying the resut of the summit.

Another point of view:


The focus on Sunday was very much on economic ties, with China especially keen to strengthen trade links as it tries to inject fresh momentum into its slowing economy.

The joint statement included a commitment to sealing a trilateral free-trade agreement that would provide a counterpoint to the new US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership of which China and South Korea are not members.

This is very, very important, you know. China wants a free-trade agreement including Japan, to challenge the TPP. China wanted Japan also in the AIIB. This shows Chinese nationalist rhetoric is one thing, realpolitik is another. China will always try to get closer to Japan, to make American presence in Asia weaker.

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Yes - and I'm sure they will be both meaningful and a great success. Yes, no doubt.

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Sure, they have to do this for their elite corporate and investing backers. But the nationalist rhetoric will surface again at election time to draw the public's attention away from failed promises and the class warfare being waged against them.

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I don't know why my first comment got some thumbs down. Maybe some people dislike the idea that the US role in Asia could be weaker if these three countries become closer. It's a fact that behind the scene, America wants these countries divided. If I'm wrong and America really supports peace around the world, should accept this Chinese advise:

The meeting, resumed after a three-and-half-year suspension, marks a laudable step to boost cooperation in Northeast Asia, but may unnerve the United States, which is an ally of Japan and South Korea and has long exerted a strong influence in the region.

Washington's worries are understandable, but it should be reminded that broken ties among the three neighbors harm regional peace and prosperity, and will in turn undermine American interests.

From Chinese press: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2015-10/31/c_134769667.htm

So America, keep calm, please.

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Why yes, Alex, Americans should indeed heed the advice of Xinhua, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government. Indeed, they certainly have no agenda.

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Indeed, they certainly have no agenda.

You didn't get my point. They have agenda, indeed in my first post I said:

China will always try to get closer to Japan, to make American presence in Asia weaker.

You can see how I said the opposite of Xinhua, because I'm able to see through propaganda, both if Chinese or American. But some people are not able to see through American propaganda. It's indeed true that America has an interest in keeping China, S.Korea and Japan divided, despite American hypocrisy when for example the US criticize Abe nationalism, but at the same time they support Japan's rearmament. China knows Japan's policy is manipulated by the US.

So, yeah, Chinese agenda is to make America weaker in Asia. But actually, East Asia would be more peaceful without American presence. The US should remain in their own continent. Is it so difficult? The world is very different today from 70 years ago, and it doesn't need Americans everywhere at all. See the mess in the Middle East. I'm speaking also for the sake of your ordinary American people. American interests are hurting also Europe, messing up European relations with Russia. But this is a different topic, even if it shows how American foreign policy works in general, not only in the Far East.

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hopefully they continue on that road. asians look the same, maybe they should focus more on what unite them than divide them.

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Yes - and I'm sure they will be both meaningful and a great success. Yes, no doubt.

If you are speaking about AIIB and the trilateral free-trade agreement between Japan, China and S.Korea, your meany sarcasm only confirms how people who are giving my posts thumbs down don't want peace in Asia, but they are only afraid that China can be more succesful than the US. Your comment shows jelousy.

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Now China can claim all of Asia as has been planned for ages. Thanks to Park the Chinese in disguise as Korean has managed to lap Abe into a corner and has only alienated the US shield and now has forced the future of Japan into Chinese hands where our ancestors will roll with embarrassment of why we let this happen. At least with the Americans Japan is Japan.

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At least with the Americans Japan is Japan.

Are you serious? Japan shares more cultural values with China than with America. If you are Japanese, you studied for sure Chinese classical literature, and Kanji, of Chinese origin, like tons of other Japanese things. What did America bring to your country, since Perry arrived? A violent culture shock, unequal treaties that induced your country in Western style colonial wars, atomic attacks, some economic benefits after WWII until the bubble exploded because of unequal treaties again (the Plaza Accord).

China never hurt Japan as much as America did.

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Right-wing Abe has missed so many chances to be a real statesman. All it would take is a few sentences to mend ties with China and Korea. Poor leadership to be sure. Same for Abenomics.

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Do you honestly deny the very real nationalist elements present in all East Asian politics?

Do you honestly deny that the nationalist LDP has always been strongly supported by the US, and it does everything possible to please the US?

Park is nationalist as well, but she is trying to get closer to China, and for this some American people already see her as a traitor of America.

My argumentation isn't illogical. This because I think to understand American foreign policy very well, since it's basically the same everywhere. I can see some very similar dynamics in Europe, as an Italian citizen, whose country shares a similar position as Japan. Do you even know how much American forced santions over Russia are hurting Italian economy? But we have to agree with America no matters what. People understand and discuss about these problems a lot. I don't think America wants an open conflict in East Asia, but this interest in keeping the countries divided is already negative enough for the world peace and stability.

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It would be a Wonderful Day if these three Countries could get together, but, we all know this will never happen!

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Japan's relations with China is not normal yet.

The No 1 politician of UK, S Korea, Germany have all held hours-long summit with No 1 politician of China, President Xi, but not PM Abe. Premier Li is the No 2 politician of China.

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Well Done. The first steps have been taken. Let there be mutual understanding & realistic relationship for the benefit of all 3 countries.

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China trips on its own feet because they always say something one way but their actions do another, like in the South China Sea where they say they want to do it thru diplomacy but then build up reefs and sending oil platforms. If their actions follow their words, then it's another thing, but until then, don't put too much value into it.

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