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Leadership change in Japan, S Korea, China offers new start for region

By Hiroshi Hiyama

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After pleasing local crowds Abe is now trying to do the same with China and S.Korea, not an easy task. let's hope China does not treat Abe like they treated Popular PM Koizumi.

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Good article. Wholeheartedly agree.

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'New starts' sound good to hear.. The neighbors of Japan seem getting tired of listening to such 'sweet' words after rounds of nasty crisis on bilateral relations.

Shinzo Abe's past records are known to everyone, fair enough, he should be given a second chance to demonstrate his skillful he would be in turning around the deeply damaged ties with South Korea & China.

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It's a leadership change, but are the leaders in these countries simply puppets for more powerful domestic forces?

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"But Tokyo’s well-equipped coastguard has not reported any Chinese ships in immediate waters since the poll, won by Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party."

Can't seem to find it but I do recall an article on JT re Chinese ships entering the area around those rocks in the water.

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"New start" is certainly true, the question is: In which direction? Only in one of the three countries do we not know, if the new leader is also a fascist....

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