London mayor flattens young Japanese rugby fan


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This is surely an analogy, Japan and the UK in a microcosm. The boorish Brit who still lives in the 19th century vs. the what if of Japanese potential. Too bad that modern day Japan is composed of defeatists and naysayers, unlike this kid.

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That was a very low impact collision. The kid was fine.

Boris has mastered a very upper middle class English approach of treating everything as a joke, reveling in his own apparent incompetence and foolishness until it is too late and you find that he is in charge of everything.

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@Moonraker Boris might be a member of England’s rugby if he would have enough sufficient power to play with adult players. He just wanted to show off his power even playing with kids.

He would be on the game again, playing with adult players, and someone would hit him as strongly as he did , that would be such a good retaliation on him.

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Can any one spot the difference ? 1: bumbling idiot or 2: Brave Jnr blossom ?

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Didn't think I'd lol as hard as I did. Mazel tov.

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yellow card

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A rugby renaissance

Lost in translation.

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Did he use the shoulder??? hahaha

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Maybe Boris should have played for England

An Englishman walks into a bar.

Normally, there's an Irishman, a Scotsman and a Welshman too, but they're still at the Rugby World Cup.

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That movie leaded me to have his character as too enthusiasm and violate.

This event is just recreation for sports event to boost rugby as popular, not for real game. It is common that adult people focus on showing off their skill less and let younger kids play as much as they want. Therefore that would be a great opportunity to communicate with younger kids and a great effect to boost a specific sport.

He is too childish.

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That kid standing in the way of all that blubber has now had his first real life lesson......

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'I had never heard of Bojo (apparently his nickname) until this week'

'Don't worry. He's leaving his post next May.'

That's when I'll start worrying even more. This fart-lighting act could be the next Prime Minister of the UK sooner rather than later if the Tory cannibals eat Cameron over Europe.

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Pythons's Upper Class Twit of the Year revisited.

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described by a British columnist earlier this month as the “albino warthog”—a name London Mayor Boris Johnson fully lived up to

Love it! Proving they and he have a sense of humour. I can imagine politicians like Abe and Suga having a hissy fit in a similar situation.


I had never heard of Bojo (apparently his nickname) until this week

Don't worry. He's leaving his post next May.


A rugby renaissance? Was rugby ever big in Japan before their recent success?

The 'renaissance' is already waning, despite the world cup just warming up now. I predict there'll suddenly be lots of 'rugby fans' again in 4 years time.

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The kid should sue him for the quarter of a million quid Johnson described as 'chicken feed' for writing a newspaper column. Getting flattened by a blubbery Bullingdon lout must be traumatic.

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Oh come on. It's kind of cute, and a good time was had by all, even the 9 year old he smushed.

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Cnn TV showed video segment this morning worldwide .

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A rugby renaissance? Was rugby ever big in Japan before their recent success?

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There have been some hilariously witty tweets and remarks about this on British media sites. One that I liked, "I'd vote for Boris Johnson, a guy who's not afraid to take on any challenge put in front of him..............however small it may be."

I had never heard of Bojo (apparently his nickname) until this week, and now he is a household name in Japan, and even worldwide. Anyway, most any dad who has played sports with his kids has had a Bojo moment, so I think people overall could identify. At the end of the day, this was just a harmless and damn humorous high-profile moment.

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Good for the kid! He stood up to a problem and survived.

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Nice to see a real politician letting his hair down instead of it looking rehearsed and practiced for media and public consumption.

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I see by the thumbs down that this site has not only Japanese apologists, but Tories too.

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Let's boo the Bullingdon bully-boy Boris

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How do Trumpery and BoJo make their hair do that?

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Yeah for the kid! I love see the effort and standing his ground too against such a large (physically) opponent!

Hope to see this youngster on the pitch someday in the future!

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Maybe Boris should have played for England.

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