Long odds ahead now for Obama on his troubled trade agenda


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It might be for the best. Free trade is needed in many spheres but any pact that is negotiated in secret must be flawed and designed to put governments and the people at the beck and call of unelected corporations. Who needs that?

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Congress giving the OK for this would be like giving someone a signed blank cheque. We don't have much idea what has been discussed in TPP because the negotiations have been held in secret. Without Wikileaks, we would know a lot less.

TPP benefits no one except the super rich owners and investors in massive corporations such as Monsanto, the organisation that gave us Agent Orange and Sarin.

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Can't say it enough. If the TPP doesn't pass in the US and falls through, the day that happens will be the luckiest day in Shinzo Abe's life. Not only will he and his successors not have to deal with the fallout from the collapse of Japanese agriculture, he will avoid going down in history as the so-called "nationalist" leader who signed away his country's sovereignty because he thought it would help sell a few more cars and car parts.

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Who knows what went on at the "Skunkworks" or as it's officially known,TPP? After NAFTA a whole lotta average joes got burned intocinders economically I tthink the world has enough bizzillionaires,thank you!

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Just get me some good gefilte fish, big jars of olives, and some excellent cheese and I will be happy....and Liverwurst. Boy, there must be no NYers here.

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and the Koreans will be loving it, no TPP will mean Japanese cars , electronics will keep there tariffs in place while Koreans tarriffs are zero, but hey as long as the 1% of the J farmers are protected at the cost of the other 99%. and dont think the US will suddenly become less tough if Japan decides to have a direct FTA with the Americans, if anything now the US congress has a choke hold on any FTAs theyll demand much more tariffs cuts on J agriculture. which is why Abe wanted a fast track so they could keep most of the j tariffs in place. Japanese consumers have been getting shafted by big J business for decades

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Obama has been a failure in everything he has done!

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