Lower house passes Y92.61 trillion annual budget


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No breakdown of Y92.61tri ?

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Wow! Let it flow... There will also be a lot of sake if not champagne flowing when this gets circulated around!!

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Abenomics in place: spend till you drop! It's good for inflation! ---- No word on the size of the Nations Credit Card???

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Soon or later we are going to run power plants with Reich-yen bank notes...

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@some14some No breakdown of Y92.61tri ?

On the revenues side: funded by Taxes, new debt issuance and pension bonds/nontax revenue at roughly Y43 trillion, Y43 trillion, Y7 trillion, respectively.

On the spending side: debt servicing, social security and grants for local governments account for roughly Y22 trillion, Y29 trillion, and Y17 trillion. The rest of the spending for education, science, public works, etc.

Public works spending, covered in the press quite a lot recently, comes to only about Y5.5 trillion.

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China-Japan relations should more better and better. It'll benefit both countries eventually.

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So what does that mean? Is this much? What were the previous budgets?

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Thanks Sensato!

spending for education, science...good. public works spending...too much. How much more concrete does Japan need? I would like to see more parks.

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@TakumiSaito; i completely agree - hopefully under the current government funding for exchange programmes etc. haven't been cut (as in the UK!)

also if anyone has any more information on this story, just to help me understand the budget better, please let me know in the comments - thanks ^^

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