Machimura to challenge Tanigaki for LDP leadership


Former Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura on Saturday signaled his intention to challenge Sadakazu Tanigaki in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leadership election on Sept 26.

Machimura told a rally in Sapporo that he wants to make Japan a strong nation again and make politicians more responsive to the needs of the people, TV Asahi reported.

Tanigaki has already said he intends to run for another term as LDP leader, saying his goal is to lead the party to power in the next lower house election.

However, he is likely to face at least two other challengers. Former LDP policy affairs chief Shigeru Ishiba and former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have indicated they are interested in the LDP presidency.

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In reality this will be an election between (among) Tanigaki, Ishiba and Abe. You can disregard the others.

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I still can't believe Abe is allowed to try and run again. Is he going to get another tummy ache during the process and quit again? Regardless, looks like the usual circus, and it's pretty clear nothing is going to change in the near future.

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Abe is going to team up with Ishiba - probably be his "Okada" style No. 2. Abe has good numbers but I suspect they know the public doesn't really want him back.

As LDP guys go, Machimura and Ishiba are both pretty good candidates. They are on TV as commentators a lot and come across as reasonable, balanced thinking people - although that would of course change having to become opposition attack dogs. If Abe and Ishiba team up, I'd put my money on Ishiba being next LDP leader, and then next PM when lower house elections are called.

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Personally don't think it matters who wins any jiminto election, but just glad to think that it's not just outsiders who think Tanigaki is a pointless anti-anything leader without any ability to offer anything.

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The run-away PM of Japan Mr Abe is coming back!!! Like Churchill is back 1940 London!!

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Good occasion to have all key members of LDP come out in the open and debate on fundamental matters. Already know Tanigaki and Abe's positions pretty well but not as much for Machimura or Ishiba(aside from national security matters). Hear Ishihara's son is also planning to run. Personally believe Abe will come through in the end.

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None of these Jiminto guys can hold a candle to the present prime minister, Noda. Unfortunately, Noda has no backing whatsoever from the LDP and New Komeito. And with his own party, Minshuto, splintering, he appears weak. But he has done well in explaining his views, describing what is happening in the government and discussing important issues ... and he does this without notes or referring to backup materials. But it appears Noda-san is heading out the door quickly ... as has happened to all the prime ministers over the past decade. Looking at the LDP's candidates for the prime minister's post after they win the next big election, none appear to be as good as Noda. But guess one of them will be next in line to show Japan once again how messed up the LDP is. Of the group, Machimura appears to be the most level-headed. Don't really see how Abe, Ishiba, Ishihara and especially Tanigaki can hold the reigns of government successfully. Guess it'll be the same old story ... a revolving door full of incoming and outgoing prime ministers ...

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