Mahathir calls for more mutual understanding to avoid wars

By Haruka Nuga

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As long as mad men crave power, there will be war.

We ALL wish it were otherwise.

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"I believe that merely fighting against terrorism will not put an end to terrorism," he said at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in southern Japan. "We must know the reason why these people resort to terrorism, and if we know the reason, and we deal with the reason, then there is a chance that we can stop the acts of terror."

Silly comment

By the year AD 802,701, humanity has evolved into two separate species: the Eloi and the Morlocks. The Eloi live a banal life of ease on the surface of the earth, while the Morlocks live underground, tending machinery and providing food, clothing, and inventory for the Eloi. The narration suggests that the separation of species may have been the result of a widening split between different social classes. Having solved all problems that required strength, intelligence, or virtue, the Eloi have slowly become dissolute and naive: they are described as smaller than modern humans, with shoulder-length curly hair, pointed chins, large eyes, small ears, small mouths with bright red thin lips, and sub-human intelligence. They do not perform much work, except to feed, play, and mate; and when Weena falls into a river, none of the other Eloi helps her (she is rescued instead by the Time Traveler). Periodically, the Morlocks capture individual Eloi for food; and because this typically happens on moonless nights, the Eloi are terrified of darkness.

So, what's my point?

It's nature. Even the insects fight each other.

Best we have IS to be defensive. Fight the good fight and don't let leaders or the corporate MSM tell you who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

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More understanding among young people? It’s the old guys that create wat, hold on to power, are involved in position and wealth hoarding. Let’s start with the old farts on top.

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He's correct of course but there's no money to be made in weapons manufacture and the war machine and the stealing/control of resources if we have total peace

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It’s the old guys that create war, hold on to power, are involved in position and wealth hoarding. Let’s start with the old farts on top.

Yeah, like that old fart Kim Jong-un (aged 35-ish)

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Silly.  His and his party's policies in Malaysia have been racist and divisive.  Who is he to talk about bringing people together?

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Wakarimasen, do as I say not as I do.

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Impressive (or strange?) that the article doesn't mention he's 93!

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