Man on a mediation mission: Abe heads to Iran

By Sara Hussein

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe heads to Iran this week on a rare diplomatic mission...

Maybe because Abe isn't a diplomat, yet I will wait to see the outcome. If he manages, somehow, to cool the rhetoric between the US and Iran, he deserves credit.

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Not holding my breath, but agree with Yubaru, anything that can cool down the fire that Donnie started will be a step in the right direction.

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Why would anyone expect anything from this clearly useless gesture? The Iranians have made their case and absolutely nothing is going to change that.

Must be election season again.

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Complete waste of time and tax payers money.

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We need to secure more oil sources, bad enough America is stealing Iraqi people's oil after the war and now want to stop our imports of Persian oil.

You do realize WW2 started when oil was cut off to us too, Google it

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[ Japanese government officials say Abe will not present Tehran with a list of demands, or deliver a message from Washington, and instead want to position Japan as a neutral intermediary. ]

The flags behind Abe say it all...and it's also sure to be the case that Iran will overlook who has positioned their military bases throughout Japan.

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please tell us what experience he has in multicultural cultures

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Japan's diplomatic relationship with Iran has been one of the positives, globally.

The Iranians have made their case

You mean the case that they are not going to be bullied by the US and Israel like the rest of us. Where do the Americans get off telling the rest of the world who we should or should not be doing oil business with.

Complete waste of time and tax payers money.

Not at all. Abe is securing future oil imports for Japan.

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What can Abe do other than acts as an orderly ? Japan isn't even a party of the nuclear deal framework.

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If anyone can bring together the US and Iran, it is PM Abe. Japan has excellent relations with both nations. Japan is on the same page as USA, and Japanese like and respect Iranian culture and people, and are much more tolerant of Islam religion than US or the West. Japan has never had a military conflict with Iran.

 Abe is securing future oil imports for Japan.

Brilliantly argued. He is also trying to secure peace in the world.

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Abe is on a mission to be relevant on the world stage.Actually desperate to be relevant period. Would be better served telling the Iranians,we're good with you,but Trump is the obstacle to any kind of normalcy.

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He will just pass on the same message as the Russians, Chinese and Europeans....

”Just wait 2 years and hopefully the orange clown will be gone”

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You do realize WW2 started when oil was cut off to us too, Google

Tut tut there. Yes the oil embargo was one of the catalysts. But you're completely ignoring the reason for that embargo. Which was the invasion of sovereign China. Please refrain from historical revisionism here.

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Hoping (because I hate war), but I doubt that he will accomplish anything (because out of touch) ...

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