Markets bet Abe will 'pull stimulus from a hat' if Tokyo election stings

By Hideyuki Sano

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 Jiji news agency 

Says it all about politics in Japan, the "jiji's" are the ones screwing things up! Time for some new blood with Koike and company!

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Says it all about politics in Japan, the "jiji's" are the ones screwing things up! Time for some new blood with Koike and company!

...then we will have "baba's"....will hardly bring any fundamental changes in Japan.

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Why bring a fundamental change? Why keep shaking the pillar? Japan is (was) doing well the way it came into the 21th century of Earth. There is no need to rewrite whole society just to fit your agenda. You just have to cut some rough corners and instead of devising new ways of bringing unrest and imbalance, you perfect what is already at hand. If Koike-san stops the tendencies of the current ruling class it should suffice in restoring harmony inside the society. And then, she might begin fixing lingering issues INSIDE Japan, not outside it.

For now, ke Koike!

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I don't buy this personally. If Abe had the guts to do what is needed to revive the economy, he'd have already done it to ensure his name is written of positively in history.

His best idea will be to further indebt future generations and perpetuate the issues that need to be resolved.

'the beginning of the end' of Abenomics

That end began already long ago. At least 1.5 years ago in my books.

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Abe will 'pull stimulus from a hat

Verses where he has been pulling it from?

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".... following scandals and gaffes by officials close to him...."

Not just close to Him, Abe himself as well multiple times.

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Enough of that pomade!

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So, now he is trying to buy popularity?

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For all the collective amnesiacs baying for koike, let me remind you that unless she had a press conference I don't know about, she's still a card carrying member of nippon kaigi. So win or lose, abes agenda will proceed full speed unimpeded!!

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if people hate you, give 'em free stuff!

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Buoy the government by buying the people!

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