Mayor in western Tokyo accused of repeated sexual harassment


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one of whom complained that the mayor touched her buttocks in an elevator while another said he forced her to drink from a glass he had already used.

Dude is 49 years old, and he has a problem with inappropriate touching of females, wonder where I have heard similar stories before.

"Forced" her to drink? There is more to this story than some random act.

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The times they are a changing... Men better get their acts in order.

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So a city assembly has to ask an accused sexual harasser to order an investigation of himself? Yea, that sounds realistic to happen. Keep visiting your local shrine and praying for it, too.

How about people learn to report these things to the police - filing a report and insisting that it gets investigated. Maybe in the elevator is a he said, she said. But when you have a few more all from the same office reporting about the same guy, seems harder and harder to ignore.

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