Merkel sets out condition for Huawei's participation in 5G network


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Merkel's conditions are pointless because EU's ban decision overrides Merkel's decision, and EU is currently discussing an EU wide ban right now.

I understand why Merkel's trying to play neutral in the US vs China row, to protect German automakers from sharing the same Chinese retaliation experienced by Japanese and Korean automakers, but this is beyond Merkel's power now.

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the company doesn't just simply hand the data to the state".

But that’s exactly what they will do. It was a Trojan horse all along. Game over CCP spies. Well, this round anyway.

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In 2017, China introduced a law stating Chinese companies must turn over data to the Chinese govt when asked.

This is what Merkel is addressing.

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I hope she applies similar conditions on US companies: that they must not hand data over to the US state. Merkel, having grown up in East Germany in the days of the Stasi, has a better understanding of the evil of state spying than many leaders.

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What a false accusation.

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Its probably because of the problem with apple and Fb not opening the phones and helping in criminal investigations, that they suddenly realised it was different in other countries and panicked, but in reality no one bothers there's just too much out there already, so its a non issue and Merkle is being more sensible than the paranoid "five eyes", scapegoating Huawei in particular.

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Remember when the USA spied on Merkel's mobile phone... Today what is doing Google is even worse... Google knows everything from us, where we are... China is the biggest Trading partner of Germany with over 200Bill... And Germany has a surplus... Germany can't exclude Huawei...

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