Michelle Obama's absence likely to be felt in Japan


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public, Beijing muted its hurt feelings over Mrs Obama’s absence in California. But deep disappointment was registered in some Chinese mainstream and social media.

Maybe, Mrs. Obama isn't in the good mood after the stupid Chinese including a well-known university professor made fun of her and spread rumors.

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Obama's halfhearted visit to Japan (!)

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Women are treated badly in here. I do not blame her for staying away. It says a lot.

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Obama's halfhearted visit to Japan (!)

There is nothing half-hearted about a state visit, whether or not the first lady is there. A state visit is a big deal, for both sides.

Women are treated badly in here. I do not blame her for staying away. It says a lot.

It's possible that you're the only one who is reading it this way. There are about a million reasons why Mrs. Obama might be skipping this trip, and the reason you're insinuating is among the least likely.

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@ShermanAPR. 21, 2014 - 07:33AM JST Women are treated badly in here. I do not blame her for staying away. It says a lot.


I'd bet she does not want to create books about how Japanese women are treated in Japan, yet. She has to concentrate on China's one boy only pregnancy rule in her new book about Asian culture.

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some14some has a point. Obama's only coming to appease puppy dog Abe who wants to be patted on the head for the steps he is taking in remilitarising Japan.

Mrs Obama's probably not coming because Japan can't afford to pay for another 16,000 police to protect her.

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Michelle Obama's absence likely to be felt in Japan


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Trouble in the West Wing? Separate travel plans, solo trips, jealous looks when Barry was getting a selfie with the Scandinavian hottie...

Nope, won't miss her at all.

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Rumour has it that the Obama marriage may be on the rocks, which might explain her absence. On the other hand, maybe she is just on another all expenses paid holiday (which she and the rest of the family take quite often, at the expense of the American taxpayers) in China. I wonder do the taxpayers foot the Bill for her mother as well. How many millions of dollars will it cost this time, in a country which is economically on its knees? Bankrupt and desolate cities like Detroit, thousands of Armed Forces Veterans living homeless on the streets of America, thousands of families having their homes taken away by evil Bankers, endless political scandals like Benghazi, NSA and IRS, preparing for Martial Law in a bankrupt country over which the Obamas preside, and still they do not curtail their lavish lifestyles and excessive public trips abroad, at the expense of the ordinary American people. I find it incomprehensible that this family have been in the White House for so long without being ousted.

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Michelle Obama is not an elected official. She is a wife, period. This woman's lib thing in America has started something about the First Lady having to be involved. I am sorry, but that is not the case.

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Ultimately, I think this is a non-issue. Who really cares if she comes? The Japan-US alliance will not falter, and neither will the US's commitment to Japan in the event of a Chinese invasion of the Senkakus/Philippine territory.

However, the crux of the issue is that the US is seen to be playing both sides, and that is what's getting people nervous. Before it was fine because China was friendlier, but now they're stepping up their aggression.

Its not hard to imagine that leaders in Asia at the brunt of China's anger (Philippines, Malaysia and Japan) feel a little confused as to the true intentions of the US, and this is why the rampant speculation on this will continue even until after the visit.

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moneyyenApr. 21, 2014 - 09:09AM JST

Michelle Obama is not an elected official. She is a wife, period.

I agree. The idea that the wife of a politician must accompany him, (or a husband of a politician must accompany her), should be a thing of past. I think it is OK that a person may belong to another political party from the spouse's.

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There is no Obama family rumor in USA at all. Rumor and gossip? Just Hillary will be gandma. Vegas flying shoe attack to Hillary by an Arizona woman and that was only local news and it did not go on national, either. So, nowhere Obama family gossip. Obama talks are only Obamacare issues. So busy on Korean ferry now that Obama visiting Japan is never mentioned at all. So, don;t expect phony gossip. Just USA can not afford Obama going to Japan? She had enough of delicious Chinese food there???

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I think everyone is urked that she isnt coming because they wont be able to focus on and discuss which outfit shes wearing and what hairstyle she has going on for the 72 hours she wouldve been in the country. It seems that`s what people are infatuated with these days when it comes to Michelle Obama.

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Japanese should realize that Obama and Michelle do not have same way of thinking as them. They were the products of civil rights and the affirmative of new history in America. Simply, who cares! America's policy in Asia is at stake with new emerging bully Communist China's foot print all over it. U.S and real democracy Asian nations are the future of the world.

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What utter nonsense! This is the sad state of journalism today, where a non-issue like this is played as news. This summit is about figuring out regional security, not Michelle. This was 10 minutes I'll never get back.

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Shows what politics has become. Why on earth "Japan" should "care" that Obama's wife doesn't come is beyond me. what on earth does she bring to the party?

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There are swarms of cops in Shinjuku, so I suppose I should feel safe. But all the lockers are taped shut, and all the drink machines are taped shut, and all the trash cans are taped shut. How inconvenient, and he is not even here yet. Or was that a precaution taken because Justin Beiber arrived?

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"I find it incomprehensible that this family have been in the White House for so long without being ousted."

I know why: a recovering economy, booming stock market, shrinking deficits and a growing number of Americans getting health insurance. Presidents tend not to get "ousted" then those things happen.

If you find that all "incomprehensible," then maybe it's time to get a new worldview, one that makes sense.

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@toshiko - The idea that the Hillary shoe-throwing incident did not make national news in the US is utterly preposterous! Of course it did. I personally saw it on two national media outlets, and you know that FOX News had a ball with it ! Some conservatives have even gone so far to say that she "staged" the incident. (they have been dubbed "Shoe Truthers" !) Herman Cain and of course ole Rush Limbaugh have put in their two cents worth. The Huffington Post had an article on 4/15/14 about it. It was reported on widely ! Everything that happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas ! As for the present First Lady, I sometimes wonder if she doesn't have more substance than her husband.

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Michelle Obama's absence likely to be felt in Japan

Michelle who ? She has been absent from Japan for years on and nobody I know ever complained. And if Obama had been single, childless, MIL-less and dogless, that wouldn't bother any US taxpayer.

Why on earth "Japan" should "care" that Obama's wife

Only to entertain media.

There is no Obama family rumor in USA at all.

You're cutting your hair yourself and never going to the salon or what ? It seems you're the only one there that hasn't been told.

Mrs Obama’s most recent overseas trip with her husband came last summer,.... Since then, the president has traveled without her

Pathetic. I mean nobody cares about their life. But I see that 99% of my acquaintances are able to say "Well, I'm separated from my spouse/fiance. So you no longer need to invite him/her to any event nor ask me if he/she is doing well.". And guys that are presidents of countries don't have the guts to announce their separations.

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@Kurobune: In our local news, the woman is in a jail and accused on usual misconduct, etc by District attorney;s office right now. one week before, Bush from Florida and other GOP presidential hopes had meeting with Adelson, Joke is that whoever getting Adelson money has a jinx of losing nomination, Then Hilary news here. GOP National Convention candidate /city, No wonder G a Ga does not have Las Vegas on her tour with Japanese virtual star in USA.

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“When it comes to international travel, the first lady has always chosen her trips based on what’s best for her family,”

What! Not what's best for her country and the world? Jeez...

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@ Serrano

That is the American women way of thinking FAMILY FIRST. Not job!!

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"the president has traveled without her to Sweden, Russia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Saudi Arabia"

Let's wish them all good health, good will and good results. The world has enough problems. Yes, First Lady Michelle Obama is charming, intelligent and a role model to her nation and she will be missed on this important State visit.

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Obama's wife is a disgrace to the White House. All she does is spend taxpayer money on lavish trips, bringing her posse wherever she goes. And when she is not living it up on our dime, she is complaining how horrible and racist America is. Why can't she have a little class? Just a little.

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The 'cult of personality' mentality is very unfortunate and politically unhealthy. Elected officials are not celebrities and neither they nor their family members are royalty.

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Rumors in USA: Not Michelle. They are talking if Grandma Hillary become Democrat candidate and wins, How to call Bill Clinton. Not first lady but First Gentleman or still call Bill the Cutie forgetting he will be Grandz zps, too.

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Rumors in USA: Not Michelle.

Exactly that rumor. Yawn. Has any US prez really been in couple with his official wife ? Maybe Jimmy Carter ? I admit that the Reagans seemed plausible, but well they were professional actors, that's why. There are 2 quick ways for a women to become a celeb without any talent : being "first lady" or dating George Clooney.

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Maybe she might become a senator from a state. Maybe she might become Secretary of State someday. It is not Japan or China. If Hillary did that, why not. She has educational background and experience as First Lady like Hillary. USA is not like Japan, A lady can be asked to become Presidentila candidate. Who knows?

For Pres. tour? When Obama came to Vegas, only Vegas Mayor Carolyn welcomed (not from heart because her husband asked her to go to see him at airplane. She was not with him, We watched on news he came down alone. So, he usually travel alone with federal bouncers in USA.

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Mrs Obama's probably not coming because Japan can't afford to pay for another 16,000 police to protect her.

Bertie's probably closest to the truth. The fact is that when the "first family" travels with the President, the security detail increases exponentially because rarely will the family only go where the President will be going. The host countries will have to add more security as well. Bringing the family along is an expensive and logistically intensive evolution and should be decided on with an eye towards frugality. China likely got the visit because the family didn't come on the previous visit.

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