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Ministers to skip overseas meetings


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Kaoru Yosano did not get clearance from his physician to travel

Sure.... that's the reason....

Could it be that they are all obsolete as of 2 days ago?

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May be the new boss said no until he form new cabinet.

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If the guy is seriously having that tough a time and not being able to fulfill his duties, he should simply quit. I mean that not only for the sake of his position (that it be filled with someone who IS physically able to perform duties), but for the sake of what's left of his life. I mean, the guy's literally going to kill himself. Your 71, dude! Take a break!!

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Sure.... that's the reason.... Could it be that they are all obsolete as of 2 days ago?

Not is Yosano's case. He's been looking pretty ill for some time now.

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Saw on MRT News here in Miyazaki last week when Yosano almost passed out. I looked pretty bad. Hope he is feeling better. Politics aside, anyone his age needs to be careful in intense heat. You young bucks and does out there too. You need to take care in the heat. Wear a hat or use an umbrella, stay hydrated (the non-alcohol kind, alcohol dehydrates) with fluids, and try to limit vigorous outdoor activity to 20 minutes from 2 pm to 5:oo pm, that is when the heat and sun are the most intense. Heat stroke isn't fun. The poor guy looked pretty dehydrated. Again, hope Yosano feels better.

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Yosano problem may be related to WHO but what about WTO? No reason for cancellation required(?)

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Did anyone else see Aso wearing workmen's overalls and leading the earthquake drill yesterday? He looked really stupid and angry, great.

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Japanese prime-ministers have the same shelf life as mikans

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