Defense ministry seeks Y730 mil for land-based Aegis missile system


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Sounds way too cheap.

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I bet couple of zeros are missing in this price tag.

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Japan must undoubtedly be in the process of building the most robust and reliable missile defense system possible. Not doing so would be insane.

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This is just for the plan! Surveying and designing deployment. As Peter K wrote, a couple of zeros need to be added to this number to get to the real figure.

Then they need to plan and design a system to authorise someone to fire it, without spending hours communicating with the defence ministry.

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Japan's Defense Ministry has requested an additional 730 million yen...

In other words, it'll be just a 10% downpayment to lay-a-way a Lockheed Martin GBI interceptor, and I'm sure that doesn't include service-after-the-sale costs either.


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730 million, but tax, plus over budget costs, plus maintainace, plus upgrades, plus giving all our military information collected directly to USA, plus total replacement cost when outdated, plus 2 more systems for 2020, 8 more fore 2022, plus...

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You have to agree that Trump did a good job for the US military industrial complex there, going to be the same in SK ...

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Does this system even work? I mean under real life situation...not test.

Next missile that Kim fires towards Japan...lets see this thing in action.

Or...(as I suspect) it might not work and then we'd look pretty stupid wouldn't we.

If it hits on the button. Take all the money you need. It'd be money well spent imo.

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America making money off of fear once again. Overhyping NK missiles this and that. NK had been harmless for many decades, we just ignored them and we were fine. It’s the Trump admin. who keeps provoking NK and uses that to instill fear on people and then sell a defense system we didnt even need in the first place.

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