Modi heads to Japan with trade and China in mind


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The LOOK EAST policy of India and economic co-operation with Japan, which began last century soon after rebirth and transformation of Japan as a vibrant economic power house in Asia subsequent to the Second World War, has positively and strictly confined to economic development from day one and it will remain so in future. The policy itself deserves freshening up in the light of new world economic challenges and in that direction the close rapport between the current like-minded Japanese and Indian leaders will go a long way in establishing a new order and direction in the Indo-Japanese relationship. While it is customary for two leaders to review the overall world order, it is far from possible and totally unlikely for India and Japan to strike any deals directed at any other countries in the region. India has been a non-aligned upcoming economic power and it will remain so in future too with an independent foreign policy. Of course, any strategic relationship or understanding between India and Japan will serve to put on check some recent regional developments otherwise considered uncomfortable or unacceptable by some players in the region!

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its the confluence of abenomics with modi mantra.with Abe's economic policy changing the vibes of monetary policy and fiscal stimulus of japan by bringing out the structural reforms,modi with his strong mandate on the background of development agenda needs the same set of structural reforms for bringing indian economy back on track.

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I think the fact that Japan and US can get along with India shows that it is the belligerence of China that holds it back.

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