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Moscow accuses Japan of Russophobia, making 'vicious attacks' over Ukraine war


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Moscow accuses Japan of Russophobia, making 'vicious attacks' over Ukraine war

Just get the fact correctly who really actually attacks civilian in Ukraine last year?


19 ( +35 / -16 )

Priceless coming from Russia.

A country also obsessed with the past and history, constantly talking about Nazi's everywhere, except the ones living in Russia.... those ones don't count, as long as your on Russia side.

When it comes to Racism, Russians are renowned for racist attacks against Asian citizens, even before Covid happened, such attacks was frequent occurrence especially towards men, you can very easily find videos of such attacks happening in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

6 ( +26 / -20 )

It was Russia and not Japan that invaded Ukraine.

23 ( +40 / -17 )

Moscow accuses Japan of Russophobia, making 'vicious attacks' over Ukraine war

How about “atrocious” attacks instead? Cruel? Heinous? Savage?

-4 ( +10 / -14 )

Me thinks Maria Zakharova doth protest too much

11 ( +21 / -10 )

There is no territorial dispute according to the Russians. Japan is never getting those islands back due to it's subservience to USA in the present time. Thank you USA.

-20 ( +14 / -34 )

doesn't russia have better things to do right now? Like bomb maternity wards, kill babies and cut off electricity for elderly people so they freeze to death?

15 ( +31 / -16 )

I am Laughing at the headlines. Japan scared of Russia. Russia should be scared of Japan. I can remember that the Russia Navy Fleets all but destroy in the Sea of Japan. Japan can easy take those Island back and holding them is coming evident every day. Once Russia is completely overwhelm by the Ukrainian /NATO alliance we will see a move on these Northern Territories.

-13 ( +10 / -23 )

Phobia implies an irrational fear.

No, its not irrational since Russia has proven it does not act rationally.

11 ( +22 / -11 )

And its not a "phobia" so much as we (by which I include a majority of PR) just don't lime Russia very much.

Individual people are just fine. The country under the "leadership" of a social with a Napoleon complex, not so much.

3 ( +13 / -10 )

@Axel: Where as you may be correct in thinking Japan is never getting those Island backs in the traditional sense, Perhaps they should try what Russia is doing to the Donna's and try to take them back by force! Mate, your allegiance to Putin is insane. Please go back there, get drafted, and THEN report back.

2 ( +16 / -14 )

Oh dear, the Russians have been triggered by insensitive Japanese saying mean things about them?

Sarcasm just isn’t a sufficient means for the English language to express ironic disdain for what the Russians say anymore, we need to develop new linguistic mechanisms to cope with this deluge.

2 ( +13 / -11 )

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova

Slap some sanctions on her, Teach her not to talk out of her...

2 ( +9 / -7 )

Russophobia, eh?

Never looked in the mirror and thought ‘Is it me?’

14 ( +22 / -8 )

Japan is a peace loving society, Russia is not.

As mentioned by previous readers here, Russia invaded Ukraine, not Japan.

9 ( +20 / -11 )

Calling it a "phobia" is trying to make is sound like an uncontrollable sickness. No, call it what it really is Dislike. Japan and much of the rest of the world has grown to dislike Russia more and more after the Ukraine invasion.

13 ( +20 / -7 )

Japan is a peace loving society, Russia is not.

Where on earth does that nonsensical statement come from? Certainly not based on any history I am aware of! Their history is bereft with war, it’s actually what they are most famous for! What were all those castles for…keeping warm?

Do not believe for one second that if Japan decided to make war and expand its territory that the vast majority of Japan folk would not support it. Yes I can see them all now protesting on mass…where and when has Japan ever had a mass protest?

-9 ( +7 / -16 )

It's clear to all sane people that Moscow's Maria is paid to go off her meds and that Putin lost the propaganda war as soon as he launched his "special operation" in a neighbor's country.

10 ( +20 / -10 )

Russia will have bigger things to worry about once the Chinese feel that the time is right to attack the wounded, frail and old Russian bear and reclaim the resource rich lands that were lost under the Amur annexation.

If/when that does happen. The majority of the world will mostly sit back and watch (because what Western nation would be willing to help Russia?) and Japan could take that opportunity to reclaim the Northern Territories that were lost to the Soviet Union at the end of WWII.

5 ( +14 / -9 )

Russia was provoked to invade Ukraine because they cannot let NATO missiles right next to their border. Russia also didn’t want the wine culture of the West permeate into Russian society that would destroy them as a people. Russia was ready to talk peace but the warmongers of the West rejected peace. They want war to continue to bring food and energy crisis and for millions to die as part of their depopulation agenda. The Western nations profit from this war by sending billions to Ukraine and the corrupt govt of Ukraine sends the money back to their own pockets. Although I am against Russia invading Ukraine.

-20 ( +8 / -28 )


Where as you may be correct in thinking Japan is never getting those Island backs in the traditional sense, Perhaps they should try what Russia is doing to the Donna's and try to take them back by force!

Russia almost certainly has the most formidable military (Chinese man power and industrial/manufacturing capability might make it No.1) . And if they don't, they are the only country to have not only developed but deployed and used uninterceptable nuclear capable hypersonic missiles. And you are agitating for Japan to try to take those islands by force?

"Mate", if you have a death wish, go and do it but leave the general population of Japan out of it.

-17 ( +6 / -23 )

No, I am no way agitating for Japan to follow the disgraceful behavior of Moscow. Why the need to start mentioning Hypersonic Missiles or are you just following the standard playbook of your Russian paymasters with your 'agitated' rhetoric. Mate.

11 ( +18 / -7 )

Japan has made very clear that the North Territories are Japan traditional land and they want them back. To you actually think the population of the Northern Territories want to stay under Russian control. And help paid back the west in rebuilding Ukraine. No way they be praying for Japan to over control and have a way better control structure from Heath to a set minimum wage and pension 3 time better than what the failure Russia state can. That why I am laughing at these brainless idiots in control of nothing there own demise’s

4 ( +9 / -5 )

Of all of the countries that will say this, this is comical coming from Russia. Out of all the rogue states, Russia just showed that it can put its money where its mouth is and deserves to be treated as such. If Moscow was brazen enough to do that in Ukraine, its arguable that it can also do it in Japan.

2 ( +9 / -7 )

Does Putin not know that Russia is Number 1 Pariah Country in the world? Japan is saying about Russia what the whole world is saying about Russia. Japan is a country of islands. The Northern Therritories (Islands) have always belonged historically to Japan. Russia is the biggest country in the world. Why does Russia want these tiny Japanese Islands? Japan should invade the so-called Kurils. Russia will then be distracted from Ukraine and, Russia will lose the so-called Kurils and lose Ukraine. Long live Japan ! Long live Ukraine ! Get out of Japan's Northern Territories ! Long live Japan ! Long live Ukraine ! Down with Putin ! Down with Russia !

5 ( +10 / -5 )

Internationally recognised that russia is holding the islands illegally. Poo tins invasion of Ukraine is the reason every decent and civilised person and country holds russia in despite, there is no russophobia, merely the natural contempt engendered by their own actions, which they are either too blind to recognise or to terrified to admit to.

The Amur annexation rankles with the Chinese to this day, they neither forget or forgive and poo tins irrational action has both revealed the russian military to be a paper tiger and destroyed the professional army, there is nothing left in the east to defend the empire he inherited. It is not beyond’s the bounds of possibility Xi will one way or another take this opportunity to rectify what they see as an historical injustice. Not that they didn’t seize it by force in the first place, but they will ignore that.

5 ( +11 / -6 )

I imagine many Russians are Russophobic right now.

7 ( +12 / -5 )

There will be no taken off but offering. Please take us under control Japan we want to free of Russian control and debts and of their ideology and idiocy.

1 ( +6 / -5 )

There will be no taken off but offering. Please take us under control Japan we want to free of Russian control and debts and of their ideology and idiocy.

And then you awoke aroused but with no results in the real world.

-9 ( +3 / -12 )

Every lapdog of the US, by obligation, has to practice Russophobia..

maybe these countries just care about a country’s right to live in peace & be free.

Or does that go against your anti-US ideology ?

10 ( +15 / -5 )

A referendum should settle this dispute, let the 20,000 people decide their future.

1 ( +5 / -4 )

Russia was ready to talk peace but the warmongers of the West rejected peace. They want war to continue to bring food and energy crisis 

In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the priority isn’t on cure but dependence on medication. In the military industry, the prolonging of war is absolutely essential to returns. Negotiations and peace settlements aren’t good.

-7 ( +5 / -12 )

Take the islands back by force Japan, I dare you.

-4 ( +7 / -11 )

This how a wolf frightened a sheep

-16 ( +1 / -17 )

Total garbage propaganda from Russia as usual. All while they continue to kill Ukranian civilians.

14 ( +19 / -5 )

Country with odious and corrupt regime invades country with slightly less odious and corrupt regime. Millions of people displaced, thousands killed. Mass propaganda exercises to present the thing as provoked (odious regime side) or a noble act of defence and in no way a proxy war by bigger players in the thrall of megalomaniacs and war profiteers (slightly less odious regime side). Massive profiteering on the sidelines. No end to war in sight, leaving more displaced and more killed. Number of dead profiteers = zero.

0 ( +6 / -6 )

TheRegulatorToday  09:33 am JST

Take the islands back by force Japan, I dare you.

You are obviously unaware that the first paragraph of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution prohibits settling territorial disputes with military force. But rest assured that if Russia and NATO go at it openly, Japan would amemd or re-interpret their constitutional restraints and take back the stolen islands with the full backing of the Western powers.

3 ( +6 / -3 )

 Japan can easy take those Island back and holding them is coming evident every day. 

No. Don't be silly. Japan has no capability to take those islands by military force. Japan has three amphibious ships each of which can transport only 300 troops. Your notional Japanese landing force would have a whopping 900 soldiers, a good sized battalion. The Russians have a brigade sized force of 4500 protecting the islands, along with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles. Japan has no long range strike capability, no true aircraft carriers against a defending force with modern front line combat jets. I have the highest regard for the JMSDF but they are not equipped for an amphibious assault against a well defended enemy. What amphibious lift they have is aimed at quickly reinforcing small islands, not taking them from an entrenched enemy.

0 ( +7 / -7 )

 Russia is the biggest country in the world. Why does Russia want these tiny Japanese Islands? 

Simple. If a hostile power were to gain control of the Kurile Islands that hostile power could deny Russia access to the Pacific from their major Far East ports, Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Magadan and several smaller coal exporting ports along the Sea of Okhotsk. They are as important to Russian maintaining access to the Pacific as the First Island Chain is to China inasmuch as whomever controls those islands controls access to the Pacific.

5 ( +10 / -5 )

DTortoise: Japan can easy take those territories and hold on them them. It won’t by by force. The local will be asking Japan to consider annexing the Territories and have the support of the local. Once Japan as militarily foot hold which will be ask to do. The constitution allow for defending and I pitty the Idoit who tries.

-6 ( +4 / -10 )

DTortoise: Japan can easy take those territories and hold on them them.

I don't think you understand the difficulty of mounting an invasion from the sea. Japan is not equipped to do so. Japan would need to put at least a brigade ashore with all their combat gear, vehicles, artillery, etc. It would have to conduct days of attacks on defending positions to degrade their defenses before putting troops ashore. Japan has no ability to do this. The Russians have decent and fast anti-ship missiles and they only have to take out one or two of Japan's amphibious ships to make a landing impossible.

I also think you are dreaming if you think the Russians on those islands want to become part of Japan. Not a chance.

5 ( +9 / -4 )


Total garbage propaganda from Russia as usual. All while they continue to kill Ukranian civilians.

The Russians were surgical in their attacks. If you watch rumble, it is the Ukrainians who indiscriminately kill because they are using chemical weapons. They even executed Russian prisoners of war (video on rumble) which is a war crime.

-12 ( +3 / -15 )

You think Vladivostok will not do what Ukraine did. It will succeed once the territories are back in Japanese control. It will want to be independent and free state. All Russian has done for this territory of Vladivostok is taken away young men under conscription to die for a war on the over side of the world. You bloke you who back Russia must be dreaming to think that Vladivostok will want be blockaded from the rest of the world. Nah it will never happen. Once out of the grip of Russia the Vladivostok area will go head in leaps and bounds. There is no decent road network for 3000 km and Vladivostok is only supported by rail that can be easy cut off from the west and blockage from the sea. Russia will fail in its bid to gain Ukraine and Russia hold over the it vassel states will fall like domino’s.

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

Read here and do further research on your own: https://history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1955-57v23p1/d12

If Japan wants the Kuriles back I say that they should take them back it is within their right the only down side is the war of public opinion and the possible real war that may occur. Otherwise Japan will never get them back especially through diplomatic means the Russians can never be trusted period!

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

This is clearly Russia just "taking the piss". Russia loves to play he victim card when it is not actively bullying others.

Steal territory of Japan and Japan is in the wrong for wanting it back. Invade Ukraine to again, steal territory, but Japan should not be talking publicly about it and trying to embarrass Moscow.

Russia seriously needs to get over itself, and those few countries that call Russia "friend" also need to find new friends.

2 ( +9 / -7 )

Russia, trump, and China all like to play the victim. There is a reason that they are all busom buddies.

Another supposed victim just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar:

Air Force jets intercept Russian aircraft near Alaska


Biden and the US has continued to show its strength to other nations by shooting down foreign objects like hot cakes and intercepting foreign aircrafts entering US airspace.

Both trump and Abe's Japan both just capitulated to these same countries out of envy!

0 ( +6 / -6 )

As for Russia and any other decision the Japanese government make, they are instructed by their puppet master's, the USA until Japan is freed from those string's. Don't hold your breath.

-10 ( +2 / -12 )

It was Russia and not Japan that invaded Ukraine.

If I quote this obviously true statement, will I be downvoted by Russian trolls?

Of course I will.

7 ( +11 / -4 )

DT, the flaw in your assessment isthat you are measurung current assets and capabilities. Anyone who has watched the JSDF over the last 10 years can you that things are night and day even in that short time span.

You are also disregarding the possible geopolitics at play should NATO and Russian forces get into an actual direct conflict.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )


You are also disregarding the possible geopolitics at play should NATO and Russian forces get into an actual direct conflict.

NATO would crush Russia and its allies! A blind person could see that!

1 ( +7 / -6 )

Russophobia implies that we are scared of Russia.

Before Ukraine that may have been true.

Now? Seeing its Navy's inability to do the little things like "float", It's Air Farse's inability to not turn into flaming balls of wreckage and the drunken rabble that make up its "army"?

Yeah, Not so scarry anymore.

We just don't like Russia because its government is run by sociopaths who invade neighboring nations based on BS lies.

0 ( +7 / -7 )

Russia is right. Japan is a small man trying to act tough on the big stage to impress the world. It's honestly embarassing.

BTW, the Kuril Islands belong to Russia.

-11 ( +6 / -17 )

In regards Japan trying to retake the Norther Territories by force, there is an additional option. F-35's and cruise missiles take out Russian anti-air missiles and radars and send in the 1st airborne brigade to take an airfield. Once taken that airfield becomes the doorway for Japan to retake the island. Rinse and repeat for the other islands that have airfields.

It is faster to train more paratroopers than to build amphibious ships. I would use that. Once their missile sites are taken out the 4,500 troops will not last long against a concerted Japanese liberation force.

Fantasy at this point, as Japan does not want a conflict, and rightly so. Just pointing out other options to a strictly amphibious assault.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

As someone who suffers from a genuine debilitating phobia, I am getting more and more angered at how the word is just being used as a means of attack against anyone who doesn't agree with the narrative.

Check an old dictionary from way back when. Doesn't say dislike or aversion to something. My phobia is a fear that scares the pants off me!

5 ( +6 / -1 )


Or, you know, Japan can act like a rational country and accept Putin's peace offer.

If you declare that you no longer control property X, what right do you have in sending men to kick out the squatters?

-7 ( +5 / -12 )

Slow news day huh?

I guess Reuters was on a hard deadline or ran out of space or something as they didn't include this part of the Russian Foreign Ministry's statement.

"The Kishida administration has consistently destroyed the positive results of bilateral relations accumulated over the years through the efforts of both Russia and Japan, in favor of the United States, without regard for the interests of its own people."

That sums up my initial reaction to the headline as the LDP government has caused more problems for the Japanese people than Russia ever has. It's not just geopolitics, it's a pattern. 

The only time Russia is ever brought up in Japan is when the LDP is trying to deflect responsibility from their failures. 

If visiting graves on the Kuril Islands is such an important humanitarian issue then Kishida should have prioritized the needs of the descendants over the needs of a country 8000km away in either direction. Can't have it both ways.


0 ( +6 / -6 )

This is deflection for the Russian domestic audience. Russia is losing badly all around and need this tactic. It seems Putin is about gone with cancer and Parkinsons any way.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

“regime” denotes an unelected government ruling by fiat.

That would apply to the murdering midget from Moscow but not to the democratically elected administration of Joe Biden.

But by all means, do continue with the unhinged rant.

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

The Russian Bear growling "menacingly" in the northern woods. We've all heard it before. It's way more bark than bite. Also former KGB man Putin doing more KGB propaganda BS. It fools nobody but the Russian 50+ year olds, Russian TV viewing audience that think YouTube is a Western fast food chain or something.

1 ( +6 / -5 )

Moscow accuses Japan of Russophobia

According to a previous JT article, a majority of Japanese people do not feel friendly towards Russia, so the above accusation is indeed grounded. Even before the invasion of Ukraine, Japan was suffering from Russophobia. There are many Russians who not stand with KGB or Putin. The same can be said for many dictatorships.

-7 ( +0 / -7 )

Desert Tortoise, Where do I say invade ???? stop trigging yourself and stop read my opinion. I stated "Take the Island and hold them. Not By Force." Japan will be invited to annex the Northern Territories by the local population.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

Fine to have that opinion but to continuously yep about non floating navy, sockless soldiers and missiles that apparently have been running out since last March does lower the bar for your other arguments. But if that helps you sleep at night

It's not an opinion, it is documented fact. Documented by the UK MOD and the US Defense Department unless we are going to claim that those are hoax accounts.

And I sleep fine at night without gin or tonic. If you want to engage in snark, I can go all day.

It's part of a larger point (that seems to have gone over your head) that the Russians Scream and threaten, then they instigate and disinform, and when THAT doesn't work, they whine "Russophobia."

My point, which seems beyond you, is that The Russians are no longer to be feared, they do not constitute an actual threat to NATO or Japan, and we can and should tell them to pound sand.

Normally, I don't count myself as more or less cognitively abled than others, but for you, I was easily able to make an exception.

And again, you are welcome.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

Awa no Gaijin,

One Ally NK not Allies. And what can NK do ???? China has shown it hand and will not aid Russia in Ukraine or the Northern Terrortories. So you really don't know diplomacy. This elephant in the room is arming Japan with high tech equipment that only trusted Allies receive like F-35 platform, Patriot missile system. What will these Island do once NATO/ Ukraine finish off Russia forces and Vessal state start leaving because if they don't they too will be put under heavy sauntions along with these island that have large oil and gas reserves. You actually think that these vessel state are going to stand by Russia and get heavy sanction and help pay for the rebuild of Ukraine and pay off the war debt that will be impose on Russia. You a dreamer. you think they will support Russia. Like I stated The Northern Territories will break away from Russia once Russia is defeated and ask Japan to annex and place a military foot hold then NATO and Japan will keep the Russian pacific fleet at bay and cut off rail support to Vladivostok if Vladivostok don't succeed from Russia which is just plan stupid, This Vladivostok area has vast untapped resource and would do very well to succeed because all Russia as ever done for the area is such it dry.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

And the aggressor is....?

4 ( +4 / -0 )

Japan will be invited to annex the Northern Territories by the local population.

I don't doubt your claims that Japan could theoretically take over the islands, but I highly doubt that this is the case. maybe if russia implodes and splinters into smaller states first....

0 ( +3 / -3 )

One has to admit that Russophobia has been all the rage here in Japan for a very long time. But let's look at the history and see if it is warranted:

Japan attacks Russia in Port Arthur in 1904 without notice, and in breach of international law. Japan goes on to sink Russia's Baltic fleet and win the war.

Japan invades Russia in 1918-1922 (Primoriye Region [Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, etc.] and deeper into Siberia [Trans-Baikal]).

Japan invades the Soviet Union in 1939 and gets comprehensively walloped at Nomonhan.

The Soviet Union invades and takes over the Southern Kurils in 1945, encouraged and totally supported by the USA and the UK. 2000 Soviet soldiers are killed or injured in this invasion, as opposed to about 1000 Japanese troops.

The Soviet Union takes 560,000 to 760,000 Japanese troops as POWs and makes them work in labour camps. Many die in captivity.

In its 1951 San Francisco peace treaty with the United States and other Allied powers, Japan renounces “all right, claim and title to the Kuril islands.” Immediately after this, the head of the Foreign Ministry’s Treaties Bureau, Kumao Nishimura, when asked in a Diet committee if Etorofu and Kunashiri are included in the Kuril Islands over which Japan has renounced sovereignty, confirms that both the northern and southern Kurils are included.

Japan signs the 1956 Soviet–Japanese Joint Declaration, which says they will continue negotiations on a Peace Treaty, and AFTER that treaty is signed, Russia will give back Habomai and Shikotan (but not Kunashiri and Etorofu).

Despite all the propaganda about the 'Northern Territories', Japan's legal position is very weak, and that is why they have never taken the dispute to the International Court of Justice or arbitration.

Why, therefore, the Russophobia? Given the history, it's rather hard to understand why Japan loathes Russia so much. Russia has landed a few blows on Japan (and vice-versa), but absolutely nothing like the wholesale slaughter of Japanese civilians undertaken by the USA in World War II through conventional bombings, firebombings, and nuclear bombings of Japanese cities. And yet the USA is a dear friend and Russia deeply disliked. Stranger still is the loathing of China and South Korea: countries that have never laid a finger on Japan, while it can hardly be said that Japan is innocent of crimes in its treatment of said countries.

3 ( +7 / -4 )

Eastman: Stop Triggering yourself and read my an opinion. I can't believe this, I did not say Japan take over anyone. Vladivostok will succeed. Why Eastman ??? why will they succeed. Because if they stay with Russia they will be cut off by sea ( NO EXPORTS NO IMPORT ) and they have one rail line to the east. Northern Territories will asks Japan to annex NOT TAKE OVER they will autonomous terrortories of Japan they might became a prefecture in time or might not. But they will not be part from Russia once NATO/ Ukraine put Russia in a box and as the loser will have Pay out big time for the damage it has cause. No one wants part of that Debt so the Vessel state will stop supporting Russia that mean Vladivostok as well.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

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