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N Korea calls U.S. sanctions over Sony attack a hostile policy


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Come on PRNK grow up and join the rest of the normal world and get a life. The only thing I like about NK is that their military have to have the best marching style and they put the NYC Radio City Rockettes to shame.

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So, what proof is there?

Or is the U.S.A. above the need for stating facts behind their accusations?

With no stated proof, the US is committing, as NK describes it, a hostile act.

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I wish spying and infiltrating our hardware and software without being mandated by a judge like the NSA is doing will be one day also categorized as cyberattack on individuals, just saying....

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I prefer to call it "tough love."

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The persistent and unilateral action taken by the White House to slap ‘sanctions’ against the DPRK patently proves that it is still not away from inveterate repugnancy and hostility toward the DPRK.

Yep, that's about right. Good on them for accurate tea-leaf reading!

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North Korea is now running helter-skelter.

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On the impact of the sanctions:

In reality, 90% of North Korea is hungry and cold and struggling to get through another harsh winter. Many of them don't have electricity and neither TV nor Internet.

Those 10% or so who have access to a TV have seen the propaganda on the "News."

Of the 10%, a few are angered by it, most just see it as yet another Imperialist attack from the capitalists in Washington.

As has already been pointed out - for a country that's already sanctioned up to the hilt, a few more sanctions hardly make any difference.

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So, what proof is there?

We certainly haven't seen any. The latest evidence points to former Sony employees. Next we will be told Kim Jong-Un is importing yellow cheesecake from Africa and that he is 45 minutes away from launching another cyberattack from wifi enabled laptops that are being driven around Baghda.. sorry, Pyongyang in taxis.

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If N Korea follow USA customs, it could sue SONY for depicting Kim in its film. Then win. Go to JT Entertainment board to read Donna Douglas article in which there is a story that she won against Mattel for making bobbie doll depicting her rold. That is not only case. Whether N Korea hacked or not, Kim has a good civil case against SONY.

What can USA sanction? People there,are hungry but Japan donate food for humanitarian purpose. USA believe S Korea and Japan are friend and N Korea and Japan are enemies. Which country hate Japan more? 3/4 of N K houses do not have electrictiy.

If N K hacked, it would deleted film instead keeping as film. Deleting film is as easy as you delete your DVD copied movies.

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Well, one thing North Korea doesn't do is bombard with with plastic surgery victims singing K-Pop! They may do lots of rotten things, but at least they spare us from their wretched Pop music!

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I don't watch Hollywood movies any more. Most are just propaganda designed to keep the population very afraid, and on a war footing against America's perceived enemies. I might change my assessment if Americans made a "comedy" movie about an assassination of their own president in which Obama's head exploded, but I wouldn't watch it or think it was funny.

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Bertie and Jim, you are closer to the truth than those who believe everything is fed to us via mainstream media. If you still do not understand the manipulations going on, heed Thomas Jefferson's saying:

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”


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@toshiko, since when can you sue for being depicted as a parody? but yeah, if kim wants to sue he's welcome to come in person to a court in the usa.

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NK should already be at the maximum level of sanctions. The state does not deserve to exist if you believe the rhetoric about never again allowing genocide.

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@natsukiiJAN. 05, 2015 - 02:05AM JST @toshiko, since when can you sue for being depicted as a parody? but yeah, if kim wants to sue he's welcome to come in person to a court in the usa.


Wince when Donald dexided to be an politician. He made sure no one played him in any movies and he even became US President later.

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I thought SONY should not make this picture but opiniion of USA seem that SONY is the victim of some kind of hacking action. However, media is not sure now who hacked or how hacked. FBI is sure N K hacked and Obama is sure N Korea hacked. n this case, Guilty even proof is shaky. /wait hacker problem experts will begin to tell Japan jhacked. They already blamed S Korea and Russia. They said Russia has many computers, then realized Korea hhas Samsung. What are the names if Jaoanese comouter makers? More than one that is for sure.

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