N. Korea's Kim 'notes' Japan's offer of talks, Xi tells Abe


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Another sign of global warming?

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Honestly and realistically, only if Japan WANTS to return back to Northeast Asia in PEACE. It can happen - if Japan stops thinking of itself as a wannabe-white or superior-to-other-Asian nation; if Japan seriously thinks about its own national self-interests instead of being servile to another nation, the same nation that screwed Japan when she was on the rise as the second largest economy and caused Japan's decades of stagflation.

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I just made a note of this particular story

and put my note book in a draw

now working on my ICBMs

land desperately trying to loose weigh

another day in paradise

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no strings no preconditions - so they won't talk about Japans brutal crimes against humanity colonization, its attempt to exterminate all Koreans lives language culture their very existence on earth, Japans abduction of hundreds of thousands of Korean to Japan where they were and still are treated like fecal? Ya mean those pre conditions?

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