N Korea threat may be more bark than bite


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Ah so! Now that is worth flying the B2s on a demonstration flight. The little fat man as reason to worry and it it not at all a threat to Japan. A 30,000 lbs bunker buster bomb, did not know it could carry that weapon.

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The size of the bite may not be very big, but if it were to be dirty it would spread a lot of pain. Underestimating a foe such as Dum Dum would be very unwise.

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I dont think the North Koreans were barking, they were playing a real stuff! If Kim JonUn sitting idle,he is subject to doom like Asad Jr who has succeded his father's heritage a nation but depised as a coward and people rally against him! What does KimJonUn has to lose if he plays 'tough, he is young and his days is long enough to run this country if there is an all out war! Like An Chung-gŭn, the Korean assassin who killed Hirobumi Ito, Kim is ready to exceed his legacy!

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Mokusatsu, PRNK...

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This is the same to the USA in Asia. The so-called protection of allies is just more bark than bite.

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