N Korean leader's brother told to be quiet, Japanese paper reports


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As far as we know, we could not imagine more tougher situation that what's we're seeing today. That's partly because there's an uncertainty in the current regime. With much more uncertainty regarding nuclear power, it might not last for a decade. Why not ask Jong-Nam, who is a realistic person, to be a top of leader in N-Korea!? Only bad thing is the rumbling that he tends to be a bit of a playboy.

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Jong-Nam said: "Anyone with normal thinking would find it difficult to tolerate three generations of hereditary succession."


One can see his point.

This doesn't really go terribly well with the title, "People's Democratic Republic of Korea," does it?

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Glad to see Masao is still alive and gambling!

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I was getting so confused reading that.

Jang, the husband of Kim Jong-Il’s younger sister

I had to re-read the whole article twice :/

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Agree. Requires a couple readings. Especially that closing quote;

Mr Jang is alarmed by the possibility that criticism held by part of the leadership against Jong-Nam will be directed at himself


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Man, this family really got beat by the ugly and fat stick.

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