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N Korea confirms nuclear missile launches were tests to 'wipe out' enemies


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Some experts say Kim Jong Un would eventually aim to use his advanced nuclear arsenal to win a U.S. recognition of North Korea as a legitimate nuclear state, which Kim sees as essential in getting crippling U.N. sanctions on his country lifted.

Ain't happening Kim. The sanctions will only get worse.

17 ( +20 / -3 )

Ok? And how does this help matters?

Don’t think too many people would be upset if North Korea was turned into a huge car park. If Kim was nice he could keep his uniform and man the toll gate. His sister could oversee him. NO MORE RAMEN fat boy.

9 ( +14 / -5 )

obladi, I was about to comment likewise. Kim is only making his situation worse.

The US is okay with dictators as long as they leave their country open and their people relatively unmolested. NK is atrocious at both. THAT is the root of the problem, not nuclear weapons.

2 ( +7 / -5 )

Kim knows his conventional military is no match. This is his way of saying "Don't even think about decapitating my rule'.

6 ( +10 / -4 )

Photo looks like something from a tacky dating profile.

Hey ladies, I'm Kim. Do you love romantic evenings watching missile tests? Looking for a chubby dude with a novelty hairstyle and and unlimited power? Then gimme a call.

PS: I don't take rejection well.

14 ( +18 / -4 )

Small men need to show off their power to make up for something else.

5 ( +10 / -5 )

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversees a missile launch at an undisclosed location in North Korea, in this undated photo released on Monday by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Epic picture. Kim has obviously been studying the: Cool guys don't look at explosions clips.

If his was just making lame photoshops for a lark it would be fine but he is profligately wasting the industrial productive capacity of his not very resource rich nation on these very real launches.

And putting the region at risk of a cataclysmic mishap.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

The camerman ws probably shot after distracting him while he was enjoying the launch.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

It is good to be strong. I don't think North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong Un would invade and hurt anybody, there weapons are for self defense purposes, North Korea is not in any military unions like NATO or other union, in case of war, North Korea need to defend itself. I wouldn't mind them test any weapon.

Kim Jong Un I believe has been a great leader for the past 12 years, promoted economical and international friendship for North Korea. King Kim Jong Un knows better.

-18 ( +2 / -20 )

Mostafa Sultani HussainiToday  06:05 pm JST

North Korea is not in any military unions like NATO or other union, in case of war, North Korea need to defend itself. I wouldn't mind them test any weapon.

Wrong. Under the China-DPRK Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, or The Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty signed on 11 July 1961, North Korea is protected from foreign invasion by China, which is a Nuclear power.

So North Korea has no real reason to posess nuclear weapons. All US nuclear weapons were removed from South Korea in 1991/92. Nations like Japan. Australia, South Korea have no need for their own nuclear arsenals as they all have agreements with the United States.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Ain't happening Kim. The sanctions will only get worse.

sanctions don’t cut it. We need an Israeli like special ops team to go in there & blow everything up

6 ( +8 / -2 )

If the press would stop covering N. Korean missile launches... just don't bother to even write about them, well that would be perfect. Kim would be fit to be tied.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Mr. Kim needs to Google Ohio Class Submarine. 240 independently targeted warheads from one submarine parked a couple hundred miles of your coast. By the way, there's more than one parked there.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

I bet he is one of general's doubles

4 ( +4 / -0 )

tests to 'wipe out' enemies

That's like the kid who throws punches in the air and shouts out that his punches would have knocked you out if they had landed.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

nuclear combat forces ready to hit and wipe out the set objects at any location and any time were displayed to the full

Displayed was neither of that, only that they have at hand something flying that can reach long and short distanced places in the sea. No prove for anything nuclear, hitting exactly and timely a specific target. Ok, admitted of course, luckily nothing was displayed fully.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

150 warplanes in North Korea? That must be their whole fleet of wooden biplanes!

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Most rational human beings venture out to view a sunset, admiring nature gift to humanity.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un foaming at the mouth, yearns to view, tactical battlefield nuclear weapons to "hit and wipe out" potential South Korean and U.S. targets.

A deranged mind, insanity, unsound to the point to certifiable instability.

Not a single missile has been launched or aimed at NK.

Where is this world heading?

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Oh my god, what a muppet he is.

This country is just an embarrassing communist mess fueled by the usual false propaganda.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Well, we can assure little kim that NO one will be wiped out before him.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

Launching missiles unopposed is one thing. When the first one hits, or looks like hitting an actual target, the incoming barrage aimed back at North Korea will wipe out most of their stockpiles. Everything launched will be targeted to be destroyed and within days the NK government would be just a memory.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Kim does not need this level of military preparedness to keep himself in power. Just having a few nuclear bombs was enough to do that. What he is doing now is a waste of resources. He would be better off buying food for his starving people.

4 ( +5 / -1 )


Enjoyed your post earlier, good to see a nice sense of humour - shame about your miserable down-voters there, who must have undergone humour bypass....

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

North Korea wanted more U.S.A. attention to them while the U.S. is currently distracted by the Russia-Ukraine crisis. U.S.A. are you watching me I have something to show you plus North Korea wanted to provoke American furor because Kim Jung Eun wants to horseplay with the Americans.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Kim's a bloody nutter... seriously, we've got a madman in Russia, powergrabbers in China and this loony... lovely safe little planet we live on

6 ( +6 / -0 )

Except for Beijing holding 6-party talks 5 times and once in Tokyo, China has not done much to alleviate the tension on the Korean Peninsula. China keeps on prevaricating by shirking off its responsibilities on Korean security issues & saying North Korea's nuclear issue is a North Korea-U.S. issue, not a Chinese issue. Thank You, China for your perseverance in making sure U.S.-North Korean talks were held in Chinese territory.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Somehow I don't think Kim has enough missiles to wipe out his perceived enemies. He should be reminded that the label on his big RED button says: "Press to END DPRK"

3 ( +3 / -0 )

K = kind of

I = insane

M= man

2 ( +3 / -1 )

I'm surprised they don't take Hollywood film footage, add Lil' Kim to it as the hero and show that. After all, that's what the CCP does ... and they get caught doing it every, single, time.

Don’t think too many people would be upset if North Korea was turned into a huge car park.

I'd be upset if millions of regular NK people just trying to survive were harmed. But not upset at all of the top 2000 leaders of NK were all arrested and placed into famous NK 10m holes to live the rest of their lives.

Plus, implying that nuclear weapons should be used to clear NK wouldn't be spread thanks to winds. https://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/ Hitting Pyongyang would slightly impact SK areas thanks to winds and increase cancer 50% for some SK people near the boarder. Japan would have minimal impact thanks to high winds offshore, which would massively dilute the fallout. People living in northern South Korea would probably want to evacuate south.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

I wounder if the missile had a rond nose or a pointy one?

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Name one document,the US will defend Japanese from a nuclear strike,since the US has ruled out a first strike against adversaries,if Japan is struck and it not an American military installation,why would the US launch a strike ,if Tokyo is hit ,it not important as Washington DC, Russian hit a NATO country facilities in Ukraine Google US Congress First Strike Google German Russian Kiev Attack

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

What are you doing fatty ????!!!!!...

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Every country in the region is onw its own for own defense, Japan cut social welfare spending to double defense spending just to match Korea's spending on arms development and procurement.


Beyond the Rhetoric: Japan Has Military Heavyweights as Neighbors

On a per capita basis, South Korea is spending more than twice as much on defense, and its weapons development budget is believed to be triple that of Japan.

Korea spends $15 billion a year on arms development and procurement vs $5 billion a year for Japan, and the difference is showing.

Korea's spending then pays for itself with massive arms exports, Korea is the 4th largest arms exporter in the world this year with booming stock prices for defense contractors and a severe labor shortage.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )


South Korea might export more than $20 billion worth of weapons this year, surpassing China & Germany to become the 4th-largest arms exporter.

Over the past 5 years, South Korean arms sales have grown the most of any top exporting country.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Great fireworks show! Thanks for showing your hand Mr. Kim, now we know the targets and what theater we are up against now we can.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Yo big boy, the 90s boy bands called, they want you back.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

2eve gaijin He's never gonna give up his nuclear weapons !

The above is the hope of anti-west warmongering herds, Kim keeps his nukes and continues threatening, in that way China and Russia can keep their loose cannon free to ramp up tensions and take attention away from them, plus their expansionist aims and warmongering.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Looking at the photo, rocket boy's biggest enemies are the doughnuts waiting back at his desk.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

@Sh1mon M4sada

Looking at the photo, rocket boy's biggest enemies are the doughnuts waiting back at his desk.

Kim's too classy for doughnuts, his food taste is definitely European, particularly Swiss and French.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

North Korea would be harmless if not for the continuous provocation from the war- mongering rogue state of the USA.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

His countenance in this KCNA-released photo tells he is not so sure about his swashbuckling statement: "’hit and wipe out’ potential South Korean and U.S. targets”. 

But who knows? A cornered rat may bite the cat that has chased it, as Imperial Japan did so against the U.S.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

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