N Korea media warns of 'nuclear clouds' over Japan


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"Japan's such rackets inciting the tension of the Korean peninsula is a suicidal deed that will bring nuclear clouds to the Japanese archipelago," it said.

If you want to seem threatening to the world, at least correct your grammar.

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What they actually meant was the fallout from a US nuclear attack upon North Korea would float towards the Japanese archipelago.

Not so threatening really.

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Don't these people ever say anything nice to anybody? Or doesn't involve nuclear war or total destruction?

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Who knows what they really mean?

Threatening Japan with nuclear clouds, a country with no nuclear weapons but which has twice been hit by nuclear bombs, is not just insensitive but downright idiotic.

Nuclear diplomacy, bombastic bravado for the DPRK's downstrodden masses (domestic market) I assume, but it does not play at all well to the world's ears. Each time they gain a drop of sympathy from the world community, and yes that does happen, they throw it away again. Clumsy, to say the least!

C'mon DPRK, at least play it like Russia and China, a little more maturely.

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Winter is just around the corner NK does nothing when it gets cold.

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North Korea, the kid who starts annoying the other kids around them because the got told off by the teacher...

I know it can be easy, especially with big orange in the US, to say everyone is ratcheting up tensions, but lets be clear North Korea is the one who has repeatedly gone against UN and International rulings, and used the negotiating table to get outside assistance of money and food, while clearly continuing to pursue the very things up for negotiation and ultimately simply back itself further and further into a corner simply to keep its human rights violating, violent, frankly bizarre dictatorship in place.

Japan has a past, but right now Japan itself isn't a threat to anyone, and these bellicose threats, just like ill-informed tweets, are not the language of civil, well informed, educated people interested in the betterment of its people but the shrill cries of the desperate, selfish and afraid.

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We must make North Korea abandon all nuclear and ballistic missile programs in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner. What is needed to do that is not dialogue, but pressure

Double speak for, could our lord and master come to our aid? Nonsense!! What we have here is a case of an immovable object running headlong into an immovable force. I've never ever understood how anyone can assume destruction of life trumps dialogue. Incredible!!

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So is Abe "hoping" to negotiate the return of the abductees after a threat like that?

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If PM Abe would stop trying to incite war maybe crazy Kim would turn his newly bought ICBM's on the country he bought them from "Russia"

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I sure hope Japan and the rest of the world isn't going to wait to see if his threat is real or not. So far all his threats have been. Some one please do something to stop the crazy guy!!!!!

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Some day, North Korea is going to implode (implode, not explode, although that is also a possibility). It's rotten to the core internally, and even though it's been that way since the early 1950s, its time is running out.

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Time for Japan to develop and equip their own nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, with N.Korea constantly targeting and threatening Japan and China, Russia who only respect countries with ability to project force. It's the opportune time for Japan to join the nuclear club to prevent another Hiroshima or Nagasaki from ever happening on their soil. Relying on the U.S. Nuclear umbrella and their word solely as their defense against N.Korea, China, Russia is fool hardy indeed.

I think the U.S. would welcome a nuclear equipped confident Japan in Asia to aid U.S. in a true bi-lateral defense partner. With the #1 and #3 economy in the world and their technical prowess it would be a game changer to keep Chinese, Russian and N.Korean assertiveness in check. I think S.Korea would also go nuclear soon afterward and if S.Korea and Japan could work things out these three countries would indeed be formidable alliance in Asia.

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UtrackToday 09:14 am JST If PM Abe would stop trying to incite war

What planet are you on?

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Time for Japan to develop and equip their own nuclear weapons.

How would that be a deterrent against North Korea? The US has the biggest arsenal and the North is still threatening them with a sea of nuclear fire (however fat-boy describes it).

Tho I totally agree that if South Korea and Japan would put their (bs) differences aside they "would indeed be a formidable alliance".

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@ garthgoyle if I made that comment JT mods would say off topic

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macv, you need to specify which of @garthgoyle's comments you refer to.

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So is Abe "hoping" to negotiate the return of the abductees after a threat like that?

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Ah, agreed, a slightly weird question in this context.

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Kim and Dotard Trump are just a bunch of trolls. They need to be removed from social media and the public eye.

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“What is needed to do that is not dialogue, but pressure,”

and yet yesterday Abe demanded you vote for him or there can be no dialogue.

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Every country who has them performs missile testing. Trump and Abe know this and yet they wish to commit violence. Crazy Kim is not the only crazy one in this and he does not need votes to stay in power.

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Onodera announced existence of ASHORE PAC3. Unlike PAC 3, this one brings flying missiles to Pacific Ocean. How about bringing to Pyongyang? Japan no longer hiding it is more technologically advanced than N Korea. N Korea is still trying to improve missiles so that theirs will not fail like the ones like near Hokkaido.

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toshiko, Japan's missile's are defensive, designed to intercept incoming ones. Because of your Article 9, Japan does not have ballistic missiles that could be used offensively. Although with their development with the H2 Japan could certainly develop them in no time. For that matter the same could be said for nuclear weapons.

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@Ossan: Thank you. And Ii think Japan has been developed more powerful nuclear weapons in the same in the same industry complex that developed defense system.

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N. Korea means Mushroom Cloud on Hiroshima? It sounds N. Korean Scientific understanding is quite out of dated.

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