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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, center, speaks to reporters on the latest missile launch test by North Korea, at his official residence in Tokyo on Sunday. Image: Kyodo

Abe calls N Korean missile launch 'challenge to world'


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Think he might have a bonner, fide excuse for fisting his policies further. "Oh no" a rocket flying 500km. Last one flew over 2000km, straight up mind you.

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PM Abe should initiate a Japan First policy asap and go to neighbor Pyongyang for direct dialogue with Kim Jung Un.

Shinzo should provide massive humanitarian and economic aid to North Korea instead of supporting the confrontational approach bannered by economic sanctions and threats of war that just worsened the situation ,

It's high time the leader of the only country victimized by an atomic bomb win the Nobel Peace prize!

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"Challenge to the world" alright. A very obvious thing to say. Seems to me that from the late 1940s China and Russia, the local communists, share most of the blame for what North Korea has become. And now they are almost silent on Phat Boi Kim.

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PM Shinzo Abe, as the leader of the only nation on earth victimized not only once but twice by a nuclear bomb, is the most qualified and most appropriate person to go to Pyongyang and have direct dialogue with Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un.

Japan can share with North Korea the devastating effects of nuclear weapons on women, children and everyone with a pulsating heart.

Tokyo as a peaceful neighbor should have an independent Japan First North Korean Policy that will ensure that another Hiroshima and Nagasaki will not repeat itself.

I am sure that Kim does not want Pyongyang to suffer from the same fate as those two non-militarized civilian cities in the same vein as Abe abhors seeing Tokyo and my beloved Naha suffering parallel nuclear destruction.

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As only economics count the things neighbors do are the concern of the world.

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As other posters say, it is time to talk. Though Abe would have to do something he is not natively good at. He would have to listen. Unfortunately Abe is not good at communication, so the chances of him pulling off a diplomatic coup are very, very low. So, he wants to do it the American way. Shoot first and ask questions after.

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 So, he wants to do it the American way. Shoot first and ask questions after.

Sometimes in a case such as this, it might be the right thing to do.

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Sometimes in a case such as this, it might be the right thing to do.

Like Hiroshima and Nagasaki were "right", you mean?

Dialogue above all else. The gung ho militaristic pre-emptive tomfoolery will embroil the region in nuclear conflict and result in the deaths of millions.

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There was a time, during the "Cold War", when no-one in the Western world could even talk to China. Then, almost by accident, "Ping Pong Diplomacy" happened. Now, everyone talks to China. But North Korea is the only remaining "Cold War" hangover. When Denis Rodman visited North Korea and met Kim Jong-un in 2013, I thought this might be the "Basketball Diplomacy" turning point. Looks like no-one in America saw this opportunity, and simply saw Rodman's visit as a freak show. What we need is for American and Japanese politicians to start talking to Kim Jong Un and making progress, whether it's Abe, Rodman or Trump.

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It's high time the leader of the only country victimized by an atomic bomb win the Nobel Peace prize!

Maybe you should go and see what happens.

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This kind of news will last even after the the birth of my grand grand child... im just 45 years old now LOL

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The Americans would have taken NK out by now if: 1) There were oil or other natural recourses to be had from corporate America winning contracts to rebuild the place. 2) Saudi Arabia desired regime change. 3) Israel desired regime change. Or After NK strikes US soil and they can claim a “pearl harbour” or “911” style sneak attack to galvanise US public support.

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"A challenge to the world"--it is notable that two missile launches in a row occurred on Sundays. Is this a response the "Crusader" [former Pres.] Bush saying in nearby Japan that the North is (with two other nations) an "axis of evil" in the very speech in which he (alas) introduced the "Crusade" idea for his second Gulf War?

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How long before members of the UN security council accept that North Korea's latest ballistic missile programme will eventually reach an end game?

The point that towns and cities across mainland Japan are directly targeted ? With North Korea nuclear capability, time to take military action. The peaceful solution has run its course, and failed.

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Abe calls N Korean missile launch 'challenge to world'

But after the listen and repeat session is done with chronically submissive reporters, he whispers to his aides: "But it's a wonderful opportunity for us to realize our own dreams." Harharhar. Dialogue, defusing tensions, LOL. Some commenters are obviously confused about this government's goals. Ramping up already overhyped threats, putting the fear of god into the population with talk of bunkers and stopped trains, is the best way to frogmarch the nation to the right. Stripping civil liberties, amending the constitution, going hand in hand with the US into every boondoggle war profiteers can dream up--if you can't realize your own imperial ambitions, at the least be another empire's groveling dog.

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In North Korea's case, negative attention is better than no attention?? Maybe it's time to give it to them.

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Notice how they have started to photograph Abe from below, so as to make him seem tall. Mussolini used the same technique.

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How many people are.you talking to?

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