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N Korean nuclear test 10 times more powerful than Hiroshima A-bomb: Japan

By JUNG Yeon-Je

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the world is just going to have to get used to a nuclear NK. there's nothing any country can do to stop this now. but realistically, this really won't affect peace in the region. remember, there was also panic and hysteria when china became a nuclear state, but nothing came of it. i  don't think kim is crazy enough to use his nuclear weapons because the US would annihilate NK.

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i don't think kim is crazy enough to use his nuclear weapons

"Desperate needs lead to desperate deeds". Crazier things have happened. I didn't expect he would be crazy enough to fire a rocket over Japan and it happened. We could use some proper air-defenses asap.

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10 times/100 times bigger and more powerful than Hiroshima's it doesn't matter. Anyway, most nuclear bombs these days are bigger and stronger than the one that fell on Hiroshima.

Thousands and thousands of people will be annihilated. I don't care if I get killed by a small or big nuclear bomb. It's all the same to dead people.

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Japanese Abe Government never deny that North Korea nuclear test was Hydrogen Bomb,and implant Japanese society with fear against North Korea day by day.

Some Japanese major media decided "that was Hydrogen Bomb" without basis.

Instigated anxiety raise support rate of Abe Government,

and accelerate Militarization.

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Deterrence works. Leave NK alone. Everyone go back to developing its own economies.

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well guess if one is in the Tohoku prefecture it's either time to move or expect to be turned to dust before the US or Japan does anything about it.

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Stupid comparison.  Playing the "we got bombed once" card.  Like anyone seeing it can tell what that means in terms of damage, casualties etc.  any kind of nuke, big, small, clean, dirty, sophisticated, primitive, will wreak havoc if it reaches target or is detonated there.

Should just let L'il Kim carry on playing in his sandpit and ignore his childish tantrums.

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Major worry as reported yesterday is that the Nuke might be triggered in mid-air over Japan generating an EMP- Pulse.

This would result in most electric & electronic equipment to be fried possible country-wide.

Of course that was not a major concern in the 40's.

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How do they build so many of these deep tunnels for their tests ? Surely they'll soon run out of a place to conduct a test.

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shades of 1962… both sides made concessions… panic over….

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I agree with most of the posts here, but it particular with naganoguy. There just isn't anything we can do to persuade or desuade DPRK to stop what they've started.

They must know by now what will hat will happen if they use their new toys.

I think the best thing to do is keep a watchful eye but not overhype their own fearmongering propaganda.

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Hiroshima, a bad comparison. While I have every right and morality to ask North Korea to stop nuclear test, Abe doesn't. Abe authorized Japanese govt and Japanese companies to export nuclear technology to India, a nation explicitly rejects Non-proliferation and refuses stopping nuclear testing. Abe has zero moral ground in dealing with nuclear proliferation.

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Abe has zero moral ground in dealing with nuclear proliferation.

Not only that but Abe is also against "No First Use" policy.


WASHINGTON – Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed concern over the possible nuclear weapons policy of “no first use” being considered by the Obama administration, according to a column in the Monday edition of the Washington Post.

Lets hope Abe is not foolish enough to cause the change of this nuclear bomb into Tokyo A-Bomb.

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 i don't think kim is crazy enough to use his nuclear weapons

there are two fat bad haired maniacs, i know which one i trust more.

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Shigeru Ishiba's claim that Japan should ignite a debate of hosting U.S nuclear arms would inevitable make Japan as the world's most hypocratic country!:( Japan would literally extinguish any hope for a nuclear-free world if you ever host nuclear arms!

As the only nation which have suffered from a nuclear bomb, you have a deep rooted responsibility etched into the soil!

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