N Korea says accord to reopen probe into Japanese abductees 'invalid'


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Getting the abductees back is a dead hope. This vile NK despot will never cooperate.

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Have said it before, but trying to talk to these nutballs is futile. There’s just no cure for crazy, and now with Japan the new enemy number one the boat is well and truely sailed. They will drag you along this path to nowhere for as long as you are willing to follow. So sad for the poor families and an absolute travesty on the part of this vicious regime.

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With ill feeling in Korea extending back Hideyoshi's time it's doubtful that anything other than everlasting acrimony will prevail.

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Good news for abe as he has a party election

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Guess we'll have Abe going to visit the kin of the abductees this week to vow to resolve the issue again -- his election to extend his reign coming up and all. And of course, no surprises from NK's end either, sadly. Obviously the "the issue has been settled" following the statement that Japan has yet to discuss and atone for colonization is a kick in the teeth. Japan can't well say, "That won't be discussed, and the issue has been settled" then turn around and say it's not the same with the abductees.

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Agree with @Ricky. But America is a red/blue state. I feel sorry for the poor families, mostly black or South American. At least Kim cares for his people and doesn’t go golfing or have jumbo jets with bubble baths.

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agree - North Korea, on the other hand, insists that Japan must "settle the past," or compensate for the suffering of the Korean people under Japan's 1910-1945 colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula, before the two countries settle the abduction issue.

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The goal is clear: a united states of Northeast Asia. to get there, Japan should start with something easy to do, expected from both sides. Being No3 in the world, Japan still has some privileges. Sooner is better before it is too late when Japan would be No 3 no more.

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