N Korea tells Japan it may raise wartime labor issue


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And in other news, Japan says it may just ignore North Korea when it decides to jump on the rickety old 73 year old wagon that the South Koreans have been riding around on because the wheels still haven't come off.

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A sticky issue as North Korea was not a signer to the 1965 treaty. On the other hand, North Koreans cannot file civil suits against Japanese companies in North Korea because none are there.

I find the following from this article to be curious: “Japan has refused to comply with the court ruling based on its stance that the matter of compensation for wartime labor was resolved under 1965 agreement...” The suits were not against “Japan," that is the national government, but individual companies as civil suits. So more correctly, it should be said that the Japanese companies are refusing to pay up, with backing of the Japanese government.

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The price of colonialisation.

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Japan has settled the wartime labor issue in finality. North Korea is being pressured by PRC, and being a tribute state to their fellow communists. If NK won't drop the demand, there will be no aid from Japan, no big Summits with PM Abe, no infrastructure projects etc.

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Ri also said that should Tokyo continue to focus on the abductions, he would bring up the issue of the "more than 8.4 million Koreans who were forced to work" under Japanese colonial rule, the sources said.

South Korea claims 150,000. Where did they come up with this figure?

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Japan must preempt the claim by voluntary payment.

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both koreas are ignored from now on. they are nothing but spoiled children who think throwing temper tantrums can get things going their way in international politics. guess what? no.

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I do agree that Japan could do a better job about being appropriately contrite over its past, however this is not the way to do it, and this demand no surprises after the recent China visit...

China appears trying to do what it can to destabilise Japans relationship with its neighbors because relatively successful democracies ( especially ones that host US forces ) are all that stands in its way of trying what Japan did all that time ago.

Be careful people. There are South Koreans who probably need some recognition for the hardships they faced but not at the cost of committing their country to the eventual quasi rule of China, that will only put future generations on a path to suffering the same.

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Pretty interesting to see the main pro-japan and pro-china posters right after each other.

Thats what nationalism does unfortunately.. happy to heap on criticism of everyone else but not accept any themselves.

Most people are in the middle, they recognize Japan doesn't do as well as it could in dealing with that part of history but see that a lot of this is more politically motivated as diversion tactics for other regional issues, and Im pretty sure at the encouragement of China who is now the clear aggressor in the region.

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Tell BOTH Koreas to go kiss themselves.

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PDRK is barking up the wrong tree.

ROK negotiated and accepted the money for representing all the people on the Korean peninsula not just ROK as stipulated in Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea ;

Article III

It is confirmed that the Government of the Republic of Korea is the only lawful Government in Korea as specified in the Resolution 195 (III) of the United Nations General Assembly.

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Quiz: what is the single most obvious factor that divides Northeast Asia ?

Hint: not Japan's criminal past.

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Time to pay up. If you do the crime, you must do the time. No way to sneak out of this using signed treaties as excuses.

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Japan told North Korea that it may raise in any future bilateral talks on the subject of rickety old boats and thieves raiding our outer islands and fishing in our waters. North Korean's invasion on the Sea of Japan may be a contributing factor on World War III starting, diplomatic sources said Saturday.

Tell the North Koreans that.

Korean's still raw they lost the war. And would lose again today!

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No deal, How about the missiles flying over our country?

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raise it forever!

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Shame on South Korea for acting this way, 73 years after the war ended.

Ruining the future relationship with their best neighbor for another generation. And now for feeding this disease to their desperate prison-state neighbor to the north.

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North Korean's invasion on the Sea of Japan may be a contributing factor on World War III starting, diplomatic sources said Saturday.

LOL, cool joke

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"No deal, How about the missiles flying over our country?"

Trump's taken care of that for the past 14 months. True!

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A war between North Korea and Japan would bring in South Korea. The two Koreas are working to build ties. There’s no way Moon or Kim would allow Japan to (again) divide them. China would have a field day enjoying a South Korea indirectly joining its sphere of influence. Trump might go through a ‘now what?’ moment reluctantly sending his troops in to keep the waters in peace. I see diplomacy will reluctantly win out. Nice!

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talaraedokkoJan. 13  10:21 pm JST

A war between North Korea and Japan would bring in South Korea. The two Koreas are working to build ties. There’s no way Moon or Kim would allow Japan to (again) divide them.

What do you mean by "again"? Japan never divided the Korean Peninsula. They wanted to keep it whole and intact as part of the Japanese Empire. It was their defeat in 1945 which lead to the U.S. and USSR creating the division. You really need to read up on history.

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And Japan can raise how your father and grandfather were actually human and not these false divine beings that your puppet government tries to make them out to be. Middle finger to N. Korean.

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PDRK is barking up the wrong tree.

Well, Abe san wants a guarantee that NK nuclear missiles won't be pointed at Japan and this requires a payment.

As for the 1965 treaty, the ROK is willing to overlook Taiwan style pseudo-ambassadors in Pyongyang.

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And here we go. Well, I guess Kim has to pay for more missile testing somehow. Wait, you folks that think this is a good idea... You didn't think that money was actually going to go to the North Korean citizens did you...?

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