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N Korea to dominate Abe-Putin summit, putting isles row aside


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Isles are ours!

The isles thread is not moving any further into resolution until Japanese leading elite stops trying to amend World War 2, but instead starts moving forward towards cooperation and peaceful co-existence on the basis of equality, not "victim-culprit" relationships (see Poland).

Besides, Kim-Jong-Un is playing pranks on the weak world diplomacy. The threat is phantom.

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Apparently Abe is asking Putin about the deep bunkers and fall-out shelters that have been built in Vladivostock. The Russians lead the world in urban planning for nuclear attacks.

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Give us back our Hoppo Ryodo!!!  Although seems like more chance of agreeing on them than on NK.

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maybe Putin called it right today.

NK would rather eat grass than eat humble pie.

mon-nuke NK is now American pie in the sky.

sabre rattling isn't helping.

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Unfortunately, the only solution, without millions dead now, is to accept that NK is a nuclear power. And to keep trying to pressure them with heavy sanctions. The people who really suffer are the poor North Korean people who have to live the life under the Kim Regime. I know to lift sanctions or provide aide just gets funnelled straight into the military coffers with little or nothing going to the average citizen. And North Korea getting stronger, if you lifted sanctions, only makes them more insane. So I disagree with Russia! If they are weak, they are less likely to do something aggressive, the stronger they are the more it will destabilize the region.

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I pity the handful of N. Koreans caught up in this impasse, more so in a country with a penchant for violence on the minorities. I pray for their safety.

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Putin doesn't give a **** for what Abe-chump says. I really dont know why he's visiting except to keep up the appearances of having cordial relations ?!

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@mmw. japanese media is controlled so if abe makes a stupid statement, everybody will believe it. he can get another 10 years as a

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Not sure how Russia can help with NK. They are pretty weak and if they get out of line and criticize NK we may see the next test missile flying over Moscow. You won't see Putin say anything bad about NK lol

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Putin is about the same as China's leaders - still a communist. Freedom in Russia? Right. Let any Russian media criticize Putin too much and see what happens.

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So... Abe is going to summit to ask Russia not to work with NK to... benefit Japan and agree to an oil embargo that will most certainly lead to war (lest we forget, he himself believes it was the oil embargo that 'forced Japan to defend Asia and launched the war in the Pacific')... and then wants Russia to give back the Kuriles?

I can hear Putin laughing already.

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You see! Sanctions won't curb the growing threat from North Korea, neither would military actions do! Military actions would forever paralyze South Korea and Seoul, who's only around 45 km from North Korean artillery fire! Declaring a military resolution on North Korea would only result in a "brother and sister" massacre between South and North Korea!:( What we're doing to North Korea is just like when USA oil embargoed Japan during WW2, cutting off their main survival source and waiting for them to attack!:(

I guess Abe wants North Korea to be divided into 4 "shares" just the way Germany was after WW2, and then hoping to get a "share" for himself! Well, he's not proving anything else right now with only "sanctions, sanctions and sanctions" in his mind, countering Moon's offer to hold talks with North Korea. Abe should know by now that sanctions won't ever curb North Korea the way he want!

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Putin is being honest, from his perspective, in saying that sanctions are not a good idea. He, and the CPP as well, prefer a simple invasion, domination, and annexation to sanctions

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