N Korea vows to develop 'special' weapons as South buys U.S. F-35A


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How to say scud in Korean?

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F-35A isn't invisible, just really hard to see on old radar.

If the USSR couldn't keep up with western advances, seems crazy for a tiny country like NK to even try when their economy isn't running on any cylinders.

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The North Koreans mean they will get it from either Russia or China! You know they have a obsesion to label everything is their own achievements!

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What is the special weapon? Kind of SF?

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So the DPRK already has weaponized Smallpox, Ebola, and Spanish Influenza; enough VX, sarin, ricin, and botulinin to render the Korean peninsula and Japanese archipelago devoid of vertebrate life; and the world's largest stockpile of antibiotic resistant anthrax, plague, tularemia, and brucella. How much more apocalyptic can you get?

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NK has the right and, in fact, an obligation to have a defence system, especially since the US seems hell bent on regime change. Another arms race instigation by the US.

Kim, stay strong and do not let the US bully and dominate NK as they have so many other nations, including so-called US allies.

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Its hard to tell what is happening in NK. As the press tells it, the place should have imploded from starvation and mass execution long ago. Instead they have functioning rockets and apparently nukes. Go figure.

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How brilliant the US policy makers to sell weapons to others just making falls reason to get war. For an example they push iran to be crazy so that the other close brainless country like Saudi will feel also crazy to buy weapon from US to protect as themselves. Isreal is also the same falls makers to them.

Nothing will happen now a days except going some weapon business with falls reasons.

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