N Korean missile fell within Japan's air defense zone: Inada


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They they should start shooting those things down whenever they enter International airspace.

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The reason there are no details from her is she has never served in the military, even though she is defense minister. 2000km is higher than the ISS. They are getting pretty good if this is true.

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KCNA also said the missile flew 787 km and reached an altitude of 2,111.5 km.

As @Goodlucktoyou has already said 2000km+ is 4 times higher than the International Space Station and outside low earth orbit. All space missions bar the moon landing take place lower than 2000 km's.

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2000km eh? There's a leprechaun on sale in my yard!! For a country riddled with back breaking sanctions, its a marvel they have space level tech ready to go. I truly wonder!!

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Russia says it fell 500 km from their coast, and Japan says 450 km off Okushiri, so that should give us a good idea of where it really dropped.

Oh, Vladivostok and Okushiri are only 600 km apart. Someone is telling porkies!

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If we are to take NK's claim of an altitude of 2111.5 km is true, and so far no allied nation has questioned, much less disputed this, simply altering the trajectory will put this missile well over Guam and to western Alaska. NK is obviously prepared to substantiate their constant loudmouthed threats with credible displays of capability.

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So , what are will do about this ? Answer : NOTHING !

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Bulling being carried to a higher level. Will more extreme actions continue to be tolerated.

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Japan, Korea, and China . . . all live within the same area . . . what can be gained by using weapons which jeopardize the safety and environmental health of the region.

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Inada declined to say whether it was an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the mainland of the United States, saying the ministry is "analyzing the details."

While they still analyze it, let me tell you that if it can reach more than 2000 km, it has almost enough energy to reach parts of the USA, if not flown at such a steep angle. N. Korea just needs to miniaturize their nuclear warheads furthermore, and US will have a problem on their hands.

In the meantime they can use this rocket as a wonderful testbed for the reentry in the atmosphere, as at his angle it it much more fierce than a standard reentry.

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It is time to neutralise the NK threat forever and if that means upsetting China or Russia, then so be it. Fat Boy should be hit with everything short of nuclear weapons from the US, Japan and South Korea. The World tolerated the rise of a lunatic prior to 1939, time to nip this one in the bud.

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Its time for the USA and CHINA to stop DPRK nuclear weapons or Japan and South Korea should have nuclear weapons too.

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All space missions bar the moon landing take place lower than 2000 km's.

I may be wrong, but I think all geo-stationary satellites such as those used for TV broadcasting are at altitudes above 30,000 km.

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All those calling for the demise of North Korea by force should be aware that nuclear weapons would be used in this scenario !

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