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Nakaima considers running for 3rd term as Okinawa governor


Okinawan Governor Hirokazu Nakaima is considering a run for a third term in the gubernatorial election on Nov 16.

Nakaima, 74, who said he will make a final decision soon, has been facing growing criticism over his decision last December to approve the relocation of the U.S. Marime Corps' air base at Futenma to the sparsely populated Nago area in return for a massive cash injection from Tokyo.

Since making that decision, Nakaima has been criticized by Nago Mayor Susumu Inamine, who was re-elected in February on a platform to oppose the base despite support for the plan from both Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Barack Obama.

Opponents of the base plan have been urging Naha Mayor Takeshi Onaga, 63, to challenge Nakaima, Sankei Shimbun reported Sunday.

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After lying to and then selling out the people of Okinawa on the Henoko Relocation plan, I am surprised he has the nerve to continue living in Okinawa much less run for Gov. again. But on the plus side his running for Gov. would ensure the election of an anti-base candidate.

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It'll be interesting to see his platform for reelection given that he has given up the anti-base farce. Will he flip-flop and then flip-flop again if reelected? or will he just bow out of the race knowing he has lost most of his fan base?

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I would vote for anyone running against this turncoat and sellout.

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Vote for Onaga, oust Nakaima. Bring Okinawa out of the 20th Century. Send U.S. TROOPS PACKING! Time for an independent Okinawa.

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Will he flip-flop and then flip-flop again if reelected?

Not that people will remember, but Nakaima flip-flopped prior to the last election. He has been a staunch supporter of the LDP (pro-base) for most of his career. He only flipped to get elected.

The harsh reality is that the national government is not going to relocate Futenma to anywhere outside of the prefecture, and Nakaima made a tough decision and to get the other bases, that are included to be returned to Japanese control with the move of Futenma to Henoko,, he at least did something that NO ONE else has been able to do over the past 20 years or so........

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Nakaima made the easy decision, the tough decision would have been not to sign the land reclamation and force the national govt. to enact a special law. This is a statement from the Ministry of Defense on April 27, 2012

A decision has been made to delink the relocation to Guam and the return of lands south of Kadena Air Base from the progress related to the relocation of Futenma Air Station. So the return of the areas south of KAB are based on the building of new facilities on Okinawa and Guam and would have taken place without the relocation of Futenma. Nakaima was only interested in getting that big budget from Tokyo, a budget that will benefit mainland interests more than the average Okinawan. Nakaima deserves no respect and no accolades.

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Opponents of the base plan have been urging Naha Mayor Takeshi Onaga, 63, to challenge Nakaima, Sankei Shimbun reported Sunday.


So there will be possible two candidates. Nakaima considered. Opponents urging Onaga.

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Smith in Japan, he does not have a prayer of winning the election. He might as well retire and enjoy his life.

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