New Komeito leader visits Beijing to talk about islands


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Good to hear they started behaving like adults. My precious anime and manga was at stake.

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Hopefully his visit is a positive one!

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Why is it always the Komeito trying to make piece while their big brothers in the coalition, who vowed to do so, are making war? Good on this man for trying to do what the LDP promised, and I hope he succeeds in restoring at least some semblence of peace and cooperation between the nations.

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I love Hong Lei - how he can say the stuff he says with that serious-as-cancer, straight face amazes me!!

“normal relations and contact with friendly Japanese political parties and organizations,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters at a regularly scheduled briefing. “The dealings can help solve problems and move forward healthy relations,” Hong said.

Just last week (and indeed the last 3 months) the country he represents was threatening Japan and the islands!

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However, he said Tokyo's assertion that the islands are Japanese territory is unchanged, rejecting Chinese demands that Japan acknowledge a dispute over their sovereignty.

The only issue left to discuss is why China has shifted from the stance it had in 1950 when it stated that:

The Ryukyus "consist of three parts--northern, central, and southern. The central part comprises the Okinawa islands, whereas the southern part comprises the Miyako islands and the Yaeyama islands (Sento islets)."

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There is a dispute, whatever that is, recognise it, sit down and talk.

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A very good move. You can't resolve anything without communicating with each other. There is no such thing as irreconcilable differences in international politics.

I always say that Japan and China look good together. Its obvious both sides need each other. This fuel about the islands is like a couple pissing at each over which magazine subscription they should get. Its just so petty.

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Seeing as neither side is going to step down on the issue, what needs to be negotiated is a return to the situation where Japan and China just agree to disagree without all the dangerous brinkmanship and leave the matter in calm abeyance for the foreseeable future.

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yeah i think if they handle this on the down-low, both parties can save face while coming to an agreement on code of conduct

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