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New Komeito leader visits India


New Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi on Sunday left on a visit to India. The New Komeito is the junior coalition party of the ruling Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) and the trip is seen as a way for Yamaguchi to show some independent leadership.

Abe himself is scheduled to visit India in the last week of January.

Japanese media have been speculating for the past two weeks that New Komeito is being pushed aside as Abe woos opposition parties such as the Japan Restoration Party, Your Party and the new Yui no To in order to push through legislation to revise the constitution in order to allow Japan the right of collective self-defense.

Yamaguchi has already voiced disagreement with Abe over the state secrecy bill, constitutional revision and the prime minister's visit to Yasukuni shrine on Dec 26.

Yamaguchi said last year that the junior coalition party is needed to keep the reins on the LDP.

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The peace constitution is a cornerstone of modern Japan so not even this idiot Abe can change it and the LDP will never survive with the Komei Party, the support of the Soka Gakkai, etc...

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When Abe visited Yasujuni Shrine, he isolated Entire Kmeito lawmaners and entire Sokagakkai member Japanese in Japan.

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Toshiko, I do hope you are correct about that.

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@taj: Soka gakki was created by Josei Toda. It became huge. It is not Shinto. It is one of Budhist organization that follow Nichiren Shonin, Later Daisuke Ikeda became head and Komei-to was created. Unlike other Buddhim, it is strictlly Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, Think relationship between Mehodist and Catholic or Baptists and Islam. or Mormon and Catholic.

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The New Komeito (公明党 Kōmeitō?), New Kōmei Party, or NKP is a political party in Japan founded by members of the Nichiren Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai.[6] The leadership and financing of the two groups are currently self-proclaimed to be independent, however an official 2008 Soka Gakkai International (SGI) press release stated "official liaison meetings between New Komeito and the Soka Gakkai are held at least twice a year."[7][8] Also, the vast majority of party members are also members of Soka Gakkai and many Soka Gakkai members support NKP especially during election campaigns.[9]

The three kanji characters 公明党 have the approximate meanings of "public/government" (公 kō), "light/brightness" (明 mei), and "political party" (党 tō). The combination "kōmei" (公明) is usually taken to mean "justice or fairness". The word "New" is not a part of the Japanese name, but is used in English to distinguish the party from its predecessor. The NKP was formed as a result of a merger between the Kōmeitō and the New Peace Party on November 7, 1998.

After the 2012 general election the party held 31 seats in the lower house and 19 seats in the upper house.

Buddhism has no excommunication practice.

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@taj: Komeito people are not Shinoist but Nichiren Buddhists. ****

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@moderator: You delete all comments related to Komeito and even about India. I don;t read e mails so write here why you delete. What is wrong if I write warning to people visit India? Is it safe place for female visitors?

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The world power points has changed from USA to India. Things to notice that Japan find the only country in the world who can control China is India. No more USA or Russia is capable of stand against China. Recently China is trying to make the best relationship with India even asking for an unconditional space exploration co-operation. US and Russia are trying their maximum to show to the world that India is in their side. The truth that Whole world is looking at India as a savior of this new century. But stupid Indian politicians do not understand it, they keep looting the money and putting it in the Swiss accounts and other black money deposits in the world. It is reveled that the black money deposited by Indians in the world can make India is the second highest GDP in the world and that is much more than China's GDP. So the Japanese leaders wants to visit India than USA or China for making friendship.

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