New Komeito Party drops 'New' from its name


The New Komeito Party, which is the coalition partner of the ruling Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP), has changed its English name, dropping "New". It will now be known as the Komeito Party.

The party voted on the change at last week's convention, TV Asahi reported. A party official told a news conference that since the party will mark the 50th anniversary of its founding in November, it cannot really be called new anymore.

It has been called New Komeito since 1998.

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Why not just call it the soka gakkai religious cult party? That would be more honest and direct.

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Wow congratulations to the party. I wonder how much time, back door dealing and gaining of everybody's unsderstanding that took.

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... They added 'New' to their name in their 34th year, but it is only as they approach their 50th anniversary that they feel that new is considered old...

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Nothing new about their shtick.

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There's certainly nothing new about them jumping into the sack with the LDP and annoying people around election time with discomforting phone calls.

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They should be called Flip-Flopping Komeito Party. Are they moderate, conservative, neo-conservative, or ultra-right wing conservative? They need to make up their minds. And who are they compromising with in the LDP? Make up that mind as well. So if you can't agree on something as important as the Constitution in amending article 9, maybe you shouldn't be on a united front.

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Next will the LDP drop the liberal?

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"Why not just call it the soka gakkai religious cult party? That would be more honest and direct."


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How about calling it, Kiss up to the wacko's party? Birds of a feather flock toughter. All they can do is bully the helpless.

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The fact that more information about the whereabouts and health of Kim Jong Un is known to the world than the whereabouts and health of Ikeda Daisaku--the 86 year-old Soka Gakkai leader and power behind the Komeito Party--is disturbing. I'd be a lot less suspicious of this political party if it wasn't so damn secretive about stuff all the time.

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