New party of Tokyo Gov Koike's ally to field dozens of candidates


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If Koike's party garners seats in even half the constituencies that her party puts up candidates it's going to send a shock wave through the LDP, and light a fire under the DJP to join forces with her party.

Here's to hoping they do well! Be nice to (hopefully) finally have the chance to see a viable opposition to the LDP. But sadly even if they do succeed it's going to take at least a generation to root out all the LDP from across the country. Okinawa is one place where the LDP does not traditionally have power, and it would be nice to see other places become the same!

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who doubles as the chief of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, has apparently decided to dissolve the lower house later this month before the new party and opposition forces are fully prepared for the election.

Because this all about Abe using trickery to get himself another term in office. Using the current turmoil to temporarily boost his pathetic standing with the public is just plain SICK.

For the sake of Japan, it will be a very wise choice (for Koike) to return to national politics and become a female prime minister," he said.

The problem I'm seeing with Koike's party is that it is being staffed full of Nippon Kaigi members and people who ALSO want to change the constitution. In that case, voters are going to see very little difference between the LDP and her party, which means they will probably vote LDP given the current crisis with NK. Koike needs to set her party apart from the LDP if she wants to have a chance of winning.

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One can only hope that the Japanese population will remember all the scandals and arrogance of the LDP, and see through this flimsy attempt to cash in on the North Korea situation. One can hope...

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