New tax rules to target multinationals with over 10% profit margins


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Good move. Now how about a heavy tax on income from investment and other "money games?"

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Simply change the rules, tax on where the income is generated not where it is booked. Applicable across the board and the US government can’t whinge that it is targeting only US companies. As usual with all international bodies it will end up with a camel! (The old joke a Camel is a Horse designed by committee!).

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This is just the first step in governments trying to get their cut of the internet business pie!

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It’s amazing how governments can just dream up new laws when they face a revenue challenge.

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Toyota has less than a 10% profit margin?

Maybe, they have high heating bills or something?

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Why not simply tax them and/or their subsidiaries on profits in each of the countries in which they operate, rather than allowing them to locate corporate HQs in "tax-friendly" jusrisdictions and avoid tax?

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How communist is that?

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