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New Tokyo governor pledges Olympic cost probe


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Well, let's see what happens, she seems to have hit the ground running. While it may be too late to stop the games from occurring here in Japan, maybe she can do something to curb the insane spending.

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I am not interested in Olympics. Japan did not have to invite it. What is the significance of a runner runs one second faster than others, swim faster than other swimmers one second ? Olympics do not help solve the problems of the the world. Olympicst degraded to shows and acrobats.

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Let's wait for French investigation report. Will it be published before or after 2020 Olympics?

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Unlike male governors, she even reduced her pay as the governor. Tokyo will be the best biggest city in the World.

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I am not her biggest fan but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

I am not sure if I am a fan or hers or not. I would like to see what she actually does in this office before deciding that. Yes this is a big step in the right direction. Good for her! Let's see if she actually does this or of the old guard tries to block her probes.

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@some14. It will not be released in Japan. We have a very good Shinkansen. Olympics don't have to be held in only Tokyo. Why everything is for Tokyo?

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I am not all against saving the cost. I am most worried about that the open air stadium being built will not have air-conditioners. In sweltering summer of Tokyo, athletes as well as audiences will have hard time without air-conditioners.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

So far, she is saying all the right things; let's see how much she is able to accomplish. She certainly has my support.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

She can say all the right things till the cows come home AFAIAC, but unless there are real demonstrable actions to back all this talk up she's no better than any of the other usual suspects.

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et's wait for French investigation report. Will it be published before or after 2020 Olympics?

Why? It wont affect the Olympics and Koike isn't to blame. Sure it would be something for prosecutors to hang on Masuzoe but the games will still be held in Tokyo.

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@toshiko She only claimed to half her pay once she takes office as governor and said that she will look into the procedure necessary to achieve it during the press conference.

As she seems to think 'anime' is the best tool to influence (brainwash) people domestically and internationally. I'm more interested in how she is going to achieve Tokyo into 'anime land'.

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she needs to setup a website like Hyogo , where all politicians expenses are made public after all it's not their money theyre spending. Its worked well for Hyogo where they've had surplus cash returned at the end of each year

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This is one big reason why she is preferable to the government preferred lacky Masuda -- she will do this kind of thing, when he would have most certainly just toed the party line and said it was "under control". Sure, she can still blame it on Masuzoe and others, but at least she can make clear that the money was and is being ill-spent, that it will be done by third-party (instead of internally), and hopefully rectified if found to be misused. So far, so good. Let's just hope it's not lip-service.

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3rd party audit of Mori expenses....begin!

6 ( +6 / -0 )

Let's hope she has the commitment to go through with it and she is not witch-hunted by the 'old boy's club' who have been scamming public finds for decades. The Olympics has become a huge poorly-organised money pit with moneys being spread through consultants, architects and engineering companies and they still don't have a plan with less than four years to go. They still have not fully planned athlete housing or public transport infrastructure to cope with the expected 2 million visitors. The main stadium is still not 100% confirmed either. She has a big job to do and I hope she's up for it. I also hope her fellow politicians support her and not battle her for the sake of political revenge.

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I don't know a lot about Japanese politics, but all I seem to see is endemic corruption, Yuriko san says“Budgeting, preparation, and the validity of the road map (to 2020) will be up for a fresh review by third-party individuals,” I bet there are a few men wakening up this morning, shall we say, a bit nervous? haha! Tokyo needs to get a move on for the Olympics, because if they don't they will be a laughing stock.

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anyone with a view of the stadium under construction? How's it going?

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Perhaps this is why the LDP didn't back her (despite her being right-wing).

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Looks good on paper, but well... hate to be the downer but I've seen this song and dance before. It really could go either way... 3 months later we get solid results and great info... or she is caught doing the things she's promising not to do now (accepting bribes, etc).

Best of luck, but consider me skeptical.

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@sanjigen : No one said Koike declared Tokyo will be Anime.and. Just Nintendo will increase its ad in dome. Write link to your info. Dome :::::: might be same stuled and works of domes for Southern USA outdoor sport arenas. It is hot so open and air cons operate full blast. For instance,, for instance Astros dome in Texas.

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But those fiascos have since been overshadowed by allegations of corruption. French prosecutors have launched an investigation into alleged bribes linked to Tokyo’s bid. Organisers have denied wrongdoing.

Please investigate this first!

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@Goodlucktoyou: Tokyo won bid,, not Nippon. That is why everything is in burden of Tokyo. Tokyo people chose he instead of decentralization promoter Masuda. So, Koike has obligations to finish Tokyo Olympic. She will work on.

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From other point of view, Harajuku, Shrine,Roppongi,Park,Museum,Amusement Park, Hotels, Inns and Tokyo citizen will reap benefits from these mass tourism visits in the coming Olympics. And Japan Pop Culture will get better boost. This Olympic will be the good for Japan as whole in spirit and economy. Beside Japan populations need a morale boost after 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

No place better than Cosmopolitan Tokyo. I support 2020 Tokyo.

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