Japan won't join U.S.-led maritime coalition in Gulf: Yomiuri


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This is good. Japan must stand on it's own and not be yes-man for uncle Sam. This will be even more important once article 9 is revised.

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Everyone wants to eat, but only a few are willing to hunt. Japan is only in the "wanting to eat" group.

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In this instance, while I agree that Japan most certainly should deploy it's SDF to specifically protect it's maritime interests, and even provide non-combative assistance to the US lead coalition if asked, it would be wise for Japan to remain outside the coalition itself as long as the US is run by an administration which raises doubts as to the motives behind it's actions towards Iran.

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Smells like Bush's "coalition" to invade Iraq based on fake proofs.

Japan is wise not to fall for that.

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Good news!

Let the US fight their own wars.

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At last, some good news on this clear intention by the US to stoke up conflict.

Britain last month became the first U.S. ally to announce its participation,

Desperate to be a lickspittle, as per usual. Shame.

although most European countries have been reluctant to sign up for fear of adding to tension in the region

A sensible stance to take. Remember, it's not the EU who welched on the deal.

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And let the USA let Israel fund and fight its own wars.

Or better still, stop it having them.

To quote Carl Sandberg

"Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come".

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. This will be even more important once article 9 is revised.

It doesn't hurt to dream I guess.

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The might join if Trump lets up on his trade demands though.

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Seems like the post war alliance is dwindling.

Well, if Japan wants help in the future, don't count on it.

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Three cheers for Article 9. Long may it prosper. The U.S. wants to get Japan involved in one its never-ending wars. Glad the government was smart enough to see the trap and not step into it.

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If only everyone could refuse the U.S. government's war mongering....especially the American men who become soldiers.

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Well done Japan !!.. Let Trumpland create its own stupid wars for just them..

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Well, if Japan wants help in the future, don't count on it.

Have you read the treaty?

I appreciate Trump operates at that level but do you really think governments do?

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Oh, sorry, I forgot. It's a treaty with the USA, so they will break it. They always do, always have done.

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The Japanese government is set to make a final decision, including whether the plan is feasible, after the United Nations General Assembly later this month, the Yomiuri said.

So this can still go either way then.

Japan will not join a U.S.-led security mission to protect merchant vessels passing through key Middle Eastern waterways, but will consider deploying its naval force independently,

I am sure the US government will spin this as Japan taking part in their coalition and I am sure Abe-chan and his LDP croonies would have absolutely no objections if they did.

Well, if Japan wants help in the future, don't count on it.

Japan and their SDF will be perfectly fine without the war mongering actions of the US government and soon the Japanese government can ask the US military troops to leave Japan for good.

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