Nixon told Kissinger pact allowing nuclear weapons into Okinawa 'satisfactory'


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This really is not surprising, one must consider the era that is being talked about here. It's not today!

Oh and there was this "little" known but "everyone" seemed to know, secret, that up at Camp Schwab, near the northern entrance gate, there was this reinforced bunker, built into a hill side, that was guarded 24/7, and it wasnt the armory. Supposedly there were "nukes" there, until the late 80's or early 90's!

Just a rumor mind you...

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How much is a secret accord effective if it were signed without the peoples of relevant countries knowing it? Any answer from international law specialists?

Are such pacts in accord with democratic principles and humanitarianism? If secret pacts like this were allowed to exist, what’s the use of formal, bon-a-fide treaties? Are they just façades to hide the truth from the eyes of nations?

Secret pacts are only characteristic of ruffians and scoundrels.

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Breaking news.

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One of their one megaton bombs was lost, as well as a pilot and his A4 Skyhawk, about 68 miles off the coast of Kagoshima. Neither the pilot, plane, or bomb were ever recovered from the 16,000 ft deep waters. One of the confirmed and declassified broken arrow incidents. The incident was declassified in 1989.


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That's the horrible USS Ticonderoga incident you are talking about. A hydrogen bomb-carrying Skyhawk fighter jet accidentally dropped into the sea together with the pilot and the bomb while being engaged in training in waters near Okinawa.

Never let the memory weather away.

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This incident was kept secret until 1989 when the secrecy was declassified. Ignorance is bliss indeed. 

Never allow the ignorant mass to see, hear and say? That's far from democracy the U.S. is trying to sell the world over.

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