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No change for now in Kishida's planned Russia visit


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No harm even if Kishida's visit is cancelled, Russia has more important tasks at hand including securty of Ukraine.

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Well, you will die one day, there will not be any change in these plans, so what's the point in you doing anything in your life then Mr. Yoshihide?

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Japan certainly can sit on the fence when it comes to clinch its hope that uses Russia as a counterweight to China. But the downside is that the US may become even more suspicious about Abe’s integrity and trustworthiness.

No one likes fair-weather friend/ally.

I think that if cold war era indeed returns, Russia would be more likely to woo its comrade from the east with similar ideology as a measure against the free world. In addition, its comrade from the east might proivide the Russians with goods and services and thus reduce the pains from the sanctions exerted by the US and the west.

Hopefully, Japan would not be the victim of its own shrewdness.

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Time to take back the hoppo ryodo mondai while Russia is distracted.

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Mr. Kishida has tough job. Glad he does not go there during cold cold time. Good luck to Mr. Kishida.

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No doubt begging for mercy and offering to return the Kuriles Japan annexed back to Russia.

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I think that if cold war era indeed returns, Russia would be more likely to woo its comrade from the east....

If China has to take sides (and I doubt it will come to that), it's not impossible that they would choose the West. Given their large and growing appetites for capitalism, it would be hard for China to choose Russia and turn its back on the rest of the world.

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