No deal in sight yet for TPP talks


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" The U.S.-COERCED deal aims to cut(few meaningful ) tariffs and set common standards(advantageous to US corporations) on other trade issues across a dozen countries that cover almost 40% of the global economy."

There, fixed it.

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Not sure what the hurry is...

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Even a casual student of recent history could tell you that these negotiations were going to fail over the issue of foreign access to Japanese agricultural markets. Just look at the last 20 years of trade liberalization talks!!! Way back before APEC during the time of the Cairns Group, Japan basically took agricultural liberalization of the table. They also teamed with the EU to scuttle the GATT Doha Round. They have done it again this time. In light of this, the question has to be asked is why did the TPP movers and shakers let Japan in to the negotiations after Tokyo had dithered so long. All it would have needed was for one country to veto Japan's late membership. The rest of them could have then made a deal and considered Japan's membership afterwards. However, now they are stuck again with Japan proving a massive stumbling block.

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Dont really understand the economics, but I am so sick of paying through the nose for beer. Its wheat, hops and water! Same thing with pizza. And no I will NOT drink happoushu. That stuff is nasty.

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Why is US so unflexible?

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Japan shouldn't have been let in until the full on 0% tariff deal was done. Then, they could join our wilt. As is stands now, there's no way anything is going to happen .

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I know what they should do. Finalise TPP with the original instigators of TPP and sort out the US later on. The US only jumped on the band wagon later and took over the negotiations from the original countries who started it. It probably would be working now if the US hadn't pushed their way in.

I believe that TPP should only apply to the exchange of physical goods and items. That is my definition of trading.

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One main reason the US is pushing their way into controlling TPP is the unfettered control major US corps would have essentially globally : big pharma, music/movie, big agra, etc. It's modern mercantilism. Shoot it down.

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There will be no TPP free trade deal as-long-as Obama is president. The unions will not allow it.

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