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No sign of S Korea-Japan summit after talks


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Cho said, naming wartime sex slavery as the most important issue.

As the record shows, when Japan proposed to settle the issue through AWF, which was a fund established by Japanese government and donations from Japanese people in 1990s, Korean government threatened Korean former comfort women not to accept compensation from AFW, lest they will be financially punished by Korean government. Korean government argued the compensation from the government established AWF was not compensation from Japanese government itself, forgetting the fact the compensation from the Japanese government was already paid to the Korean government and settled in 1965. http://www.awf.or.jp/e3/korea.html

Korean government should remind their citizens these clear facts first. The Koreans really need to learn the history. It is totally hypocritical to blame Japan, hiding 2 rounds of compensation payment from Japan.

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South Korea has become another pawn of China. Seems the same has happened to a certain extent here in the US as well!

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I'm inclined to go along with the view that the Japan government should just ignore the South Korea government. Trade will continue, some people will still be friends.

There are several other countries that were colonised by the Japanese in WW2 and they are on relatively good terms with Japan. Sure you will find people still living in the past, but you'll find old hatreds still alive around the world. What does it achieve? Nothing good. Hatemongers should be despised, no matter where they're from.

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Whatever South Korean government/nationalists.

Keep using the past as crutch.

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Frankly I think the U.S. need to start playing hardball with South Korea. They are undermining our entire regional strategic policy.

2 ( +10 / -8 )

marcelitoMar. 14, 2014 - 01:08PM JST "Frankly I think the U.S. need to start playing hardball with South Korea. They are undermining our entire regional strategic policy." Well, it does go both ways ....especially since Abe went to Yasukuni after being explicitly asked by Kerry to refrain >from going and announced the "review" of comfort women testimony. I don`t think those steps are particularly helpful >to the US regional strategic policy, are they?

Abe going or not going to a shrine hurts nobody and certainly isn't anywhere on he level of South Korea's high level diplomatic boycott. And let's not make any mistake, the US objected to Abe's shrine visit not because it had anything to do with 70 year old history but because it would cause South Korea to act like cry babies and further close ranks with or "adversary" China . Which is exactly what happened. Pull the 28,000 American troops out of South Korea and let them get run over by North Korea if they aren't going to support US policy.

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The U.S. is psychologically, philosophically, emotionally, and culturally unable to insinuate itself into Asian affairs without creating great dysfunction and tension. Even if these countries have disagreements, China, Japan and South Korea will be able to reach a mutually beneficial, stable and sustainable relationship if left along by the U.S. to do so. Asians can and should be allowed to manage their own affairs.

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When N.Korea acts up, the phone will ring; but for now S.Korea has plenty ego to go around.

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The only reason SK even gone this far is because of the American pressure. They have no real intention to improve relations with Japan, at least while Abe is in power. For what they already done so far to cater to the American demands, I wonder what bargain the Americans have made to just get them to go this far.

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“For productive dialogue… it is important for Japan to take quick and sincere measures in the perception of history and pending issues,” Cho said, naming wartime sex slavery as the most important issue.


When SK thinks sex xlave is the top issue, Japan must be happy not wasting time to meet

1 ( +4 / -3 )

Don't you have any shrinks around of here?

Face it squarely or you never get over it. Just swiping the past under whatever thick a carpet won't get you anywhere.

So when will it be possible to get over last centurys madness and move on like Europe? See how France, Germany, and so reason will also Poland share the same fate and currency even.

Despite of all the old madness. All it needs is to get out of concrete( this is the hard stuff) positions!

Will the Eastasians follow reason?

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Don't worry. At the meeting, Obama will lure lady Park into a room where he hides Abe in advance, and won't let her out until she lets Abe touch her, some sort of skin contact, may in the hand to say the least. Obama will pimp for Abe. Obama can do that no problem. But everyone knows that the Koreans will not appreciate it. When there's no love, nothing works. Coercion or duress won't get any real progress.

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chucky3176Mar. 14, 2014 - 10:55PM JST Japan really has no intention of having talks with S.Korea

No chuck. Every effort made to bring Japan and South Korea closer together strategically has been broken off always by the South Korean side. Such as the agreement to share intelligence data. North Korea should have been allowed to keep South Korea. They may be belligerent but at least they're honest.

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More of Shinzo Abe's monkey tricks? Now using its owner?

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@heynong: They are born in Nagato City. Funny. there was not wild fox there and Yamaguchiken people refer fox as kitsune. Did his brother who worked for Mitsubishi Shoji said wild fox? Educate me the vocabruary of Wild Fox in Yamaguchi-ken dialect.

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chcky: Maybe S.Korea should give into the talks and send their lower ministers to the summit, lest the US starts blaming S.Korea for lack of talks. The lower ministers can then meet their Japanese counterparts for couple hours, say "hi, nice to meet you, good bye", and then come home. No more controversy.

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '

I thought you know more about official govt talk - not lower level. Japanese side talk in Japanese and Korean side talk in Korean language?

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Japan really has no intention of having talks with S.Korea. This is just a show for the benefit of the United States who is pressuring Japan

Chucky gets it right. As Suga stated a few month ago, there are no pressing issues between the two so there is essentially no urgency.

One issue, which would most certainly involve JSDF as well as U.S. military is how cooperative SK would be when NK starts going ballistics hence the need to evacuate their citizens back to safety while at the same time try to control (prevent) the mass influx of South Koreans to land in Japan. This certainly happened in the Korean war and the Japanese government would surely prefer not to make the same mistake again for you know they'll claim decades afterwards that "we were forced to come" rhetoric.

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Well. S. Korea is showing it is not USA's puppet country. Abe is not pushing to comply USA's wish, Japan is showing Japan is not USA;s puppet country, If USAsdids not try to treat those two countries as if USA territory, some day, both countries might have discussions more important than comfort womanor sex sex talks that is S K top priority.

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Japan has only a real intentions of talking with Best Korea.

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The US would be a happy camper if Japan-South Korea summit takes place. But the doubts and suspicions apparently are still lingering in S.K’s side.

I wouldn’t blame S.K for its holdback for a summit given Abe’s questionable motive; his stands on Japan’s past war crimes not mention his character flaws.

The intriguing phenomenon is that as to Far East region at this point of time, American public likes Japan (as a country) most, but detests Abe. In Americans’ eye, Abe is a cunning, dishonest and ardent nationalist/revisionist who could be the biggest threat to American national interests in the region.

BTW, please don’t jump the gun to respond, fact is fact even though you may not like it.

-2 ( +7 / -9 )

When will the US wake up and smell the reality?

The more the US asks Japan and South Korea to play nice, the more South Korea will pay lip service. They will meet in low level discussions that have zero chance of actually going anywhere. They will use the occupation, annexation, comfort women, Takashima, money, 1965 treaty, money, the boogeyman and bozo the clown as excuses to not have higher level talks.


Well, that one is simple, South Korea is playing the game they have been told to play by Communist China. Just like their Northern ally (under the last few South Korean Presidents). South Korea's government is so deeply in the pocket of Communist China that if Xi says jump President Park asks, "how hi boss?".

South Korea should no longer be considered a true ally of the US or Japan. South Korea is now for all intense and purpose a tributary state of Communist China. The US should lay off Japan and start doing what it needs to do to ensure that the Pacific doesn't come under any greater Communist Chinese threat.

The dream of Communist China has been to create it's own Monroe doctrine for the Pacific. They think by having control of South Korea they will be a step closer towards that dream. But, what they don't get is that by owning both Korea's all they will achieve is having a wild hornets nest in their own back yard.

Korean's aren't happy unless they are complaining about something, and what will be funny is when the two Korea's unite under Kim and he demands the territories that China is Controlling and Korea wants.

So, allow them to have Korea, but contain them there. If there is any reunification it will be under a Kim family dynasty. That is what most South Korean's just don't get, even President Park is blinded by that giant carrot trap. Kim and Communist China are playing their stratagem perfectly.

North Korea and Communist China played the same game back in the late 60's early 70's. But back then South Korea didn't have as many DPRK spies in their government as they do today. So that plan fell apart.


It is funny how fast Korean's forget these kinds of ploys by North Korea and Communist China.

-2 ( +6 / -8 )

Abe’s provocative Yasukuni visit last December has put serious strains on US-Japan relationship. In fact, Whitehouse issued a very stern response, the words used was “disappointed”. In my recollection, the US rarely uses that word to describe its dismay on a close ally.

To begin with, Washington had foreseen that Abe’s true motive before his visit actually took place and had repeatedly advised his to retrain, but he went ahead anyway deliberately ignoring the advises and pleas as well as American national interests in the region.

Then worse occurred, Abe himself (plus his envoy to Washington) tried to fool the US by presenting his so called explanation which btw was absolute bogus. He knew it and we knew it based on how his scheme planned before and after.

In retrospect, it was Abe’s Yasukuni visit that finally let the US realize that Abe’s nationalist agenda is jeopardizing American strategic position in Asia, it not only weakens American influence on S.K but also leaves a door wide open for the Chinese regime to take advantage in Far East region and in the international theater as well.

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What Korea is hearing from Japan: -Japan didn't do anything wrong and sex workers were volunteer prostitutes -Japan already apologized and paid you off even though and Abe feels deeply pained for the women survivors whom he called volunteer prostitutes during campaign and in office.

er.... what??

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

More proof that shows why the war past is Japan's tar baby.

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

According Abe older brother, Hironobu, talking with Abe is harder than talking with wild -fox which can not stop barking with same loud noise. Even his sibling has to struggle for making decent communication with Abe, it is fair for complete stranger Park is so reluctant for meeting with Abe. There is no point for making formal meeting of two head of states who have no chemistry, compromise and trust each other.

Meeting with Abe is totally waste of time which will be fruitless. Even Park is not willing to smile Abe when she will attend the APEC meeting in Beijing. Abe is undeserved to receive friendly smiles of Park.

When Abe retires from politics or he will lose the office due to election, there will be possibility of formal meeting between Japan and ROK. Abe is the obstacle of Japan normal relationship with surrounding neighbors. Not only with ROK but also with rest of N E Asia.

Even Putin who hosted Abe as special head of state guest for Sochi winter game is losing patience, chemistry and trust with Abe. Abe has almost no friend among the most of the neighbors of Japan. History will judge Abe as the man who made Japan as the lonely planet of Asia.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

I swear, someone must have saved this news in their computer in MS Word format, and keep uploading the same file onto the news every second day.

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

Japan really has no intention of having talks with S.Korea. This is just a show for the benefit of the United States who is pressuring Japan. Japan gives feeble attempts to make it look like they want talks (meantime they don't bring anything new to the table) to avert American criticism, and is also an attempt to redirect the arrow onto S.Korea.

Maybe S.Korea should give into the talks and send their lower ministers to the summit, lest the US starts blaming S.Korea for lack of talks. The lower ministers can then meet their Japanese counterparts for couple hours, say "hi, nice to meet you, good bye", and then come home. No more controversy.

-9 ( +3 / -12 )

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