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Noda appoints Kan, Hatoyama as advisers


Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on Monday appointed former prime ministers Naoto Kan and Yukio Hatoyama as supreme advisers to the ruling Democratic Party of Japan.

Noda also appointed 22 Diet members as senior vice ministers, including several members of DPJ power broker Ichiro Ozawa's faction in a bid to unify the party which was fractured leading up to last week's election for the party presidency.

However, NHK reported that Noda has not yet made a decision on whether or not to lift the suspension on Ozawa's party membership. Ozawa is due to go on trial on Oct 6 over a political funds scandal.

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Keep Ozawa away (for the time-being) new advisers? yeah, good window dressing of 'young cabinet ! '

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Noda also needs to appoint labor economists for a job growth, and tax lawyers for an overhauling tax system of Japan.

Remember Japanese corporate tax rate is the highest in the world. Japan needs to lower the corporate tax so that manufacturing jobs are coming back to Japan for Japanese workers..

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Argh why appoint Nutoyama as an advisor? He is not good to take advise from as he gets advise form his sunshine eating wife in the mornings, him and his wife are nutjobs

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my level of disgust with hatoyama increases with each passing day. hatoyama must be the only PM in recent history who has resigned but still remains in the news. most others vanish into political purgatory. i wish he would crawl back under the rock that his momma bought for him and leave everyone alone.

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Hatoyama is there to advise on "bottling it"

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I share the same view about Hatoyama with you guys. He threw towels during an impasse of US base in Okinawa issue. He did not pass any legislations whatsoever what he was elected to do while he was a PM. He only gave a lip service to Japanese. So advisor to Noda is a bad idea. He only screw things up.

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The post of "senior adviser" is kind of a formal position within the party. If he doesn't want to fail from the beginning, Noda has to select a prominent person from the pro-Ozawa camp. Hatoyama is a logical choice. It doesn't mean that Noda wants to listen to his advice.

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Respect for Noda, respect!

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You know, there's seriously something wrong when the qualifications for getting a plum job are that you walked out on a plum job. Only in Japan!

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"Ozawa is due to go on trial"

He says he's innocent.

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