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Noda asks public to share burden; blames LDP for huge debt


Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on Monday asked the public to share in the burden of getting the Japanese economy back on track and blamed the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) for the nation's huge debt.

Speaking in Osaka ahead of the Dec 16 lower house election, Noda asked the public to support social security and tax reform, TV Asahi reported. He told a crowd that he knows how hard it is to ask the Japanese people to accept the increase in the consumption tax, but said it is important not to pass the burden onto future generations. He said the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) was being realistic with the public about the task ahead.

Meanwhile, LDP leader Shinzo Abe pledged to revitalize the economy by investing in public works projects, Sankei Shimbun reported. Speaking outside in the snow in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture, he said it was vital to create job opportunities for young people because it has already become a winter of depression for many graduates who are unable to find jobs.

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Noda asked the public to support social security and tax reform, TV Asahi reported.

The two do not mix. Social Security is currently Japan's biggest waster in the General Budget zone and the apparent big bad cause of the rapidly expanding debt. You want us to support MORE social security and think you will balance the budget? Hmm...

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blames LDP for huge debt

Got to be $hitting me.

Since DPJ took power

New bond issuance total. 44.3 trillion, 44.2 trillion, 44.2 trillion for three years. Prior to that, the highest LDP cabinet issued was 36.5 trillen yen 9 years ago.


I'm kind of in line with basroil thinking here in that there should be a punitive level on inheritance tax for these elders who own the highest amount of savings should start spending.

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Noda asks public to share burden; blames LDP for huge debt

Damn right. There is no free lunch. Japan still needs to do spending cut while increasing domestic consumer spending.

1)Increase tax revenue by everyone sharing burden

2)CUT PUBLIC spending by eliminating non productive politicians and buraucrats

3)Change old economic model of exporting business to consumer spending model.

4)Increase quantative easing spending on aging infrastructures and medical development..

5)Implement aggressive political reform to eliminate corruptions.

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Btw, Abe is on a roll too ...I,m sure them graduates will be lining up for all those opportunities stemming from the public works gravy train. Here you go Keiko a shovel for you...

Ah, Keiko won't get a shovel in Abe's "beautiful Japan." She'll get a smart uniform, cups and a teapot, and be told to keep busy dishing out the green tea for the old boys in head office until it's time for her to get married, have kids and spend the rest of her life in the house.

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haha, please share the burden. Work even longer hours for no overtime and stay at the office during holidays. Excellent plan J

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Don't blame the party, Blame the system!

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Abe pledged to revitalize the economy by investing in public works projects

So those Japanese construction companies will be greatly benefited with the Yen Mr Abe is going to print and spending over them! Wait a minute....didnt those organized crime bosses were monopoly Japan's construction industry?

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And more to the point of the article:

Yes Mr. Noda, you are right there and your party also started off well looking into wasteful spending. Then the Tsunami came and you completely lost the plot. If you had got back to what you originally set out to do, Japan would be better off now. Anyone who seriously wants to fix the ills of this country, needs to start with curbing the bureaucrats.

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many graduates who are unable to find jobs

The graduates cant find work? You might want to investigate what kind of skills they have to offer their potential employers and whether something went wrong during their time in school? You have to start teaching them about independent thinking and innovation. Thats what Japanese companies, like everyone in a globalized world, will need to survive.

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Meanwhile, LDP leader Shinzo Abe pledged to revitalize the economy by investing in public works projects,

Invest what? The J-Gov is broke you old fool! Plus, more than half the public works the LDP invested in 20 odd years ago are not finished cos they run out of money. How many 'roads to nowhere' are rotting away throughout the country? How many roads in service are rotting away?

I agree with Noda that the previous 50 years of LDP leadership brought on this depression and huge debt, but asking the public to shoulder the burden is political suicide.

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Easy way for the public to share the burden, simply do away with excessive state pensions. Simply put a cutoff based on other income earned (other pensions), personal wealth (stock, private home, private car for people living in cities, etc), and contribution to society (for those physically able, required volunteerism, like mentoring young kids, litter patrol, etc). The so called debt could be slashed by a quarter overnight, and tens or hundreds of billions of yen a year in savings.

Best of all, everyone will be equally affected, but those that have the most to lose from higher sales taxes have the least to lose from pension reform. The poor and the people who actually need pensions will have less to drain their pockets, especially the growing number of young poor.

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Ummm, how about shovel it yourself, Noda!? Share the burden. What does he and his ilk think the current taxation levels are? Charity? And lunkhead Abe must also be guzzling the Keynesian Kool-Aid. Let's start by eliminating every politician's expense account, publicly provided travel AND residence, and a 40% salary reduction. That's a good place to start.

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Japanese politicians have transformed Japan into a blackhole! Keep throwing public's hard earned money in that blackhole!! There is no limit!! And the burden is already passed to next generation dear Mr. Noda! Thanks for the consideration

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Selling "sacrifice" to a nation that's already been doing so for far too long, is a guarantee of a one-way ticket to Palooka-ville.

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Aren't public works projects blue collar primarily and often building bridges to no where?

How many women will they hire to repair tunnels and infrastructure? NOne I would think.

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Sure, Noda, I'll share in the burden once you trim the fat in government. Actually, I'll share in the burden regardless because he's not really 'asking' me to, but telling me what I'll be doing.

That said, incoming Abe is going to force is even deeper into a hole by building even MORE unnecessary public works projects. We'll pay, and the government and construction groups will profit. Then we'll pay for the projects for the rest of our lives as they go deeper and deeper into the red and force local Residence Taxes through the roof.

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Politicians never change their spots. Their suits might change but deep down they are all the same. Noda, the Japanese people know that LDP is responsible for the debts, since it is the only government in post-war Japan except for a short period when Hosokawa reigned. So there is no need to play the blame game. Furthermore if it is not LDP who caused such debts with its incompetency, DPJ will not be ruling Japan today. You were given the mandate of power to clean up LDP mess, and you promised you can do it without causing pain to the public. But today, when the people believed and handed you the power, you tell us to be realistic? Why can't you be honest and tell us to be realistic before you were elected? Why all the lies? The last thing we need is a liar as a our leader, but it seems all politicians are the same. I think Ishihara might be the only politician today that can tell the truth even though his honesty and directness always get him into trouble. But at least he don't lie. (his controversial remark on the Nanking masacre is not construed as a lie, it is merely his opinion)

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the japanese public have been sharing the burden of political and economic failures for the last 20 years... the last thing they need now is to shoulder the burden of Noda's incompetance...

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