Noda easily re-elected DPJ leader

By Malcolm Foster

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This the best news ive heard recently. I don't want ishihara or his cronies anywhere near the levers of power.

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The win was a foregone conclusion.

One good thing Noda-san said in his victory speech was that he wants Minshuto members to stop working to protect their seats and start working together to help the nation get back on track.

Of all the people seeking power, he seems to still be the best ... including being better than those buffoons running for the LDP presidency.

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You forget that the PM is NOT elected by the people.

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I base my comment on the simplistic belief that the same leader should be around long enough to at least have a chance to follow through on policies, however necessary/unpopular they may be. Obuchi was PM when I first came to Japan and I've lost count since then.

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I strongly support Noda. There is no other alternatives in Japanese politics. He seems to be the best choice.

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says a lot about the competition does it not?

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Wasn't Crusty the Clown nominated?

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This the best news ive heard recently. I don't want ishihara or his cronies anywhere near the levers of power.

Different party altogether.

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Alright back to work PM Noda.

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Lately, he has suggested he intends to stay on in office to try to finish tasks he set out to accomplish, including helping Japan deal with the impact of last year’s tsunami and nuclear crisis

Seems some of you folks just don't get it. Apart from Koizumi, Noda is the only PM in the last 11 years to have accomplished anything meaningful. The tax hike, while unpopular, is a necessary step, and one which nobody else had the balls or foresight to put into reality. Noda has risked his political reputation all for the sake of putting the country back on the right foot.

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In addition to issues at home, Noda’s government has been pressured lately by a territorial dispute with China over uninhabited islands in the East China Sea controlled by Japan but also claimed by China and Taiwan.

Well he can blame Tokyo Governor Ishihara for that.

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Does not really mean all that much, only that Noda will remain PM at least until year-end most likely.

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O come on - would you want that job? A couple of months max of constant embarrassment and backbiting. I'm surprised there was another name on the ballot at all.

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It"s Me: "You forget that the PM is NOT elected by the people."

I don't forget that at all. The PM wins based on the most seats his people get; that doesn't change what I said. In fact, if you read my posts during previous elections you'll see that one thing I constantly talk about is lack of representation in so-called rural areas, where you have but one of two choices. So, the people that might support a candidate like that of the Socialist Party or Happiness Realization Party have to vote for the local candidate in the party they are in coalition with.

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Can anyone explain how the DJP is in any way different from the LDP? Noda's interactions with China and Korea seem to be exactly the same, if not worse than the conservatives.

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Here we go again......!

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May the Force be with him.

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Ganbatte Kudasai

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Other Japanese must be more stupid than Noda.

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I am speechless.

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The reason he won so much is because everyone else knows the DPJ is done when the election rolls around, so they want to wait and step up until the next election after, offering a fresh face (well, recycled, but you know what I mean). The biggest problem with Noda winning is that he's now going to delay this election as long as possible and grasp at any straw he can to gain more support before it. Meanwhile, nothing will EVER get passed in government because the LDP will demand a snap-lower house election be set in stone before they pass anything.

In other words, not a thing has changed, nor will it. All that will happen, possibly, is that the longer Noda waits the more Hashimoto will bleat out Fascist promises and complaints, and gain more support. while the DPJ sinks further. An election now would mean the DPJ loses to the LDP, an election later means the DPJ has even less of a chance, but it will be more of a race between Hashimoto's party and the LDP.

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Why are you speechless, Unless you wanted ishihara or Ozawa to take it.

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LDP and DPJ they are the same after being elected.

Ditto for the USA. Nothing truly changes besides elected people lining their wallets with cash.

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