Noda gets approval rating of 63%


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Soon to be 6.3%.

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Does anyone actually think that the politicians care about what any poll says? It's not like any of them have to worry or consider their being elected nationally. All they have to worry about is keeping the pork rolling into their own constituency.

Personally I think that Noda got such high marks off the bat because the 1000 or so people polled are just fed up with politics and politicians and want to believe that anyone has got to be better than Kan.

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Polls taking the opinion of roughly 1000 people to determine the thoughts and feelings of a nation of over 120,000,000. Something just doesnt seem right.

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Everyone in Japan has to UNITE to support this PM to succeed while he is gearing up to accomplish his most challenging objectives. He has just started his job as a PM less than a week ago.

Why Japanese are a full of sour grapes and expecting everyone to fail? Why are you so insecure for someone to be successful? I just hate a nagative attitude of Japanese. I am so sick of it! SUPPORT HIM NOW.

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An approval rating? He's been in office less than a week!

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I'm all for Noda at this point. No reason not to be.

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@Yubaru, you'd be surprised. When I took statistics, I was also very surprised to find that surveys -- if the group is truly randomly selected -- starts to become statistically relevant after only 30 data points. 1000 is sufficient to have a +-5% error.

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"...and promised to guide the nation through its disaster recovery."

Did he say how? or is it just like a Hatoyama promise?

I wonder what the rating will be next week.

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@Mark, I follow along with what you are saying, but without having any information on geographic's of the poll the data could be created to make whatever outcome you want it to be. I am pretty sure that I could find 1000 people that all would be 100% against Noda and on the other hand 100% that are for him as well.

I personally tend to take polling data with a grain of salt.

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This poll should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. Assuming it is genuine, I would bet money the mentality behind the high rating is that people HOPE that Noda will turn things around for the country. They've already been through enough already (Tohoku quake, rising yen, China, the Koreas, etc.) and they've been at the mercy of men who have not alleviated the problems (Kan, Hatoyama, etc.). So when a new prime minister emerges, the only thing they have IS hope. The poll might as well say, "63% - The percentage of Japanese people who have hope for Noda."

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The poll surveyed just over 1,000 people on Friday and Saturday. A poll of that size would have a margin of error of 5%.

I think the first time i've seen stats on JT but its an AP press article about Kyodo news. 1000 people is a pretty tiny tiny poll. How about a tiny poll of people who take exits from 1 to 200 at Shinjuku station? or a Fukushima camp? See what I mean? 1000 would be easy and too small to think it is equivalent to a larger population or trend

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since it's an associated press article they are obligated by laws in associated countries to publish the poll size. Japan has no such requirement and until now I had always thought the poll sizes were larger.

the poll itself was not devoid of biases as the article mentions. This would be unacceptable elsewhere.

It looks to me this is revealing the actual poll sizes used for the first time? if this is normal for a Kyodo news poll, then Japanese are being highly manipulated not just very manipulated or slightly

This is a scoop of making the entire article percentages reduced in importance

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The absolute nature of the poll’s top question—do you approve of the job the prime minister is doing, yes or no—makes it very hard for leaders to stay popular. If people are the least bit dissatisfied with the government, it’s easy to respond in the negative.

What? So they are saying that a poll shouldn't ask any questions because you will get a result of the poll???

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Reminds me that my own honeymoon, over 30 years ago, lasted just a short weekend. Best wishes to Japan's newest prime minister and his somewhat unusual cabinet.

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Next month it will be 36%, followed by 3.6%

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Probably the people of japan wants to express how much they hate the LDP rather than Mr noda's appraisal!

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It will all be downhill from here. i give him, or anybody else for that matter, 9 months. There's too much in-fighting and incompetence in Japanese politics.

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This morning the guy was on national television because he went to go and cut his hair in a 10minute 1000yen shop. Obviously he doesn't want to waste his time on useless things.

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Biased election polls justify nothing really, only time will tell

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The rating is obviously just a sign of public relief that Kan is finally gone - and a possible endorsement of his efforts to reunite the DPJ with his cabinet appointments.

I don't see his approval rating surviving his promise to raise sales tax to 10% in the middle of a recession, however.

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can always rely on japanese politics to cheer me up and provide a good chuckle

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Incidentally, JT is not covering that it has already come up that Noda took funding donations from two South Koreans?

LDP is likely to go after that

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Yup, after that tax increase for consumption, watch the ratings.

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