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Noda picks Ozawa ally Koshiishi, 75, for post of DPJ secretary general


New Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on Tuesday night named Azuma Koshiishi, a senior Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker in the upper house, to be the party secretary general. Koshiishi, 75, is an ally of power broker Ichiro Ozawa whose party membership has been suspended due to a political funds scandal.

When Ozawa was DPJ secretary general, Koshiishi served as his deputy and after Ozawa was indicted, he took over some of his responsibilities. Koshiishi has advocated lifting the suspension of Ozawa's party membership.

After he was elected prime minister in both houses of the Diet on Tuesday, Noda said that one of his most immediate tasks was to unite the fractured DPJ. Koshiishi told reporters that Noda asked him to unite the party and get it to work together like a baseball team.

He also appointed Seiji Maehara, a former foreign minister and one of his rivals in the party presidential elevtion, to the post of party policy research chief. In another appointment, former Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirofumi Hirano will become the DPJ's Diet affairs chief.

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The guy is a fossil. I wonder if Noda will pick anyone under the age of 50 for his cabinet.

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The guy is a fossil..............

Nooooo, back to business as usual. Let’s dust off all the fossils, criminals and “good ole boy” pals and get back to the old days when we did everything behind closed doors… can’t have the people involved in government, they are just peasants anyway..

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Japan politicians intend to act as is still 1975..

Welcome back to the golden 70s, again!.

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I've met 75 year olds and they all find technology like keitais well above their compehension. So how do you explain nuclear contamination, toxic incinerators and human cell destruction and conditions like leukaemia to such leaders?

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At 75 this guy should be retired, japan does not need more dinosaurs involved with running the country, elect some young fresh blood, give them a taste of politics.

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I'm sure Koshiishi probably wasn't Noda's first choice, but he needs to appease Ozawa somehow, and this is the way to do it.

I think all politicians should be forced into retirement at 65.

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Way to pick and old guy. Honest to God, can the public be allowed to vote on their leaders?? This is pathetic.

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Actually I think it's a bold, fresh move. Quite unexpected. It'll take away the Ozawa group's bitterness and maybe, just maybe, get the DPJ focussed on Japan instead of the inter party bickering. Good luck Noda san. You're going to need it - but good start. Mix things up, at least as well as you can.

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And so it begins.....

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Unless Noda includes Ozawa people the party will fracture and he's finished. So the best way to include Ozawa people is to choose senior incompetents.

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This "technique" has been used for decades, it isnt new at all. its the same ole formula

This is a very bad start because its the same way it ALWAYS starts!

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75 years old . A strapping young lad in Japan.

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Just a thought here. The guy is obviously not too long for this world (Somebody ought to give his taxidermist an award!). If he croaks soon, Noda can say, "hey, I already picked one of your guys. Now I am picking my guy." Or maybe I am just deluding myself....

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It like the cast from Jurassic Park.

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Bad sign. Noda is playing politics rather than focusing on what the people need. Expect Ozawa's suspension to be lifted shortly. Cause if it isn't, he's going to bolt to the LDP, along with his followers. He's got Noda by the short hairs, and only more politics as usual can be expected.

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Totally expected he would pick someone from Ozawa,s section for one of the 2 top positions in order to get DPJ at least a semblance of unity and hopefully get them moving forward. Sure, I,d prefer someone younger too but in the end it doesn,t matter if the guy is 40 or a 100 year old dinosaur, he is just a mouthpiece/ messenger of Ozawa,s ideas to Noda anyway. Let,s see what policies they will come up with. I don,t care anymore how the puppets look like or their age I just want someone in DPJ to get some balls and start putting some heat on LDP. I mean Jiminto has been getting pretty much a free ride since 3/11 and Fukushima even though they are the ones 100% responsible for this decayed & corrupted system they had built here over the decades.

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Man aged 75 chosen for high-ranking government position in Japan. In similarly shocking news, the sky is declared blue.

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when Noda's reign comes to it's inevitable end a year from now, we can expect this remnant of the 80's to take over

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You know, I was hoping when I said this would happen yesterday that I would be proven wrong and Noda might actually be the guy to move Japan back into the right direction, but obviously I was correct and he won't. I said yesterday, exactly, that he would pick the other people who ran for PM to be in charge of high ranking positions and he chose Maehara for just that (in a sense, grooming him for his 'turn' in the PM chair later), and of course one of Ozawa's stooges as well. This guy is going to push even harder now for Ozawa's ban to be lifted and then we'll be back to complete corruption as usual.

Noda's popularity will probably start dropping from tomorrow.

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One year to go. Wonder who's going to be the next PM.

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Here we go again. The same damn thing. Instead of breaking free from Ozawa's vice-grip, Noda now puts in one of Ozawa's cronies. I had a little hope in Noda because he wasn't supported by Ozawa and was relieved when Kaeida was not chosen because he was, but now Noda has once again enabled Ozawa. I felt sorry for Kan. He wasn't a bad Prime MInister, he just didn't have any power because every time he turned around it was Ozawa and his crooks who were going against him. He didn't have a chance from the get go. Now, things might go a little more smoothly because Ozawa has Koishishi in Noda's cabinet. There is the slightest chance for a long term government but it is not what the people want. Who the hell votes for Oawa anyway? He has to be one of the most dislike politicians I have ever seen in Japan. Everyone I ask detests the guy, but somehow he keeps getting reelected.

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Actually now that I really think about it, this might just be a good idea. Ozawa gets what he wants, and then maybe he will stop complaining and we can have a long term Prime Minister. But, I still don't like Ozawa! I think we should have a rule. After you become prime minister than you must QUIT the DIET and retire. Than put the rightful man who has the power into the Prime MInister's job, that would be Ozawa. Let him do what he needs to do and than make him retire. But Ozawa is too smart for that. He knows that once he becomes prime minster that his power will be HISTORY.

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So many "than" instead of "then". OOOOPS! Typos galore. Sorry.

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Seiji Maehara, to the post of party policy research chief..................that means his power was 'frozen' and Mr maehara shall never making troubles with neighbouring countries again! Now you see Mr Noda has never let 'us' down! bravo!! BY the way, I wonder what policy Mr maehara is 'researching'? The policy to get more gaijin's money smarter next time?

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