Noda, S Korean leader swap diplomatic niceties


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let's fight like a man, not like an animal

row with Russia forgotten.
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Let me reshuffle a little:

"...at an annual bilateral "friendship" meeting in Seoul ... South Korea's president and Japan's prime minister exchanged advice Monday on remaining "mature"..."

Is it AFP wording, me or there is some bizarre contradiction in this phrase?

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Korea while they upset me from time to time is NOT Japans enemy. We need to find our way through these issues coming up with a plan that will solve our issues. First we need to take it out of the politics and that means both Japan and Korea. Once this is done we can move forward.

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S. Korea should importantly look to solve it's country to the North before looking towards a little island in the sea of Japan. After over 60 years of division, you mean to tell everyone that they are a people of peace and economic strength before trying to a piece of land that it doesn't belong to in all International law.

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